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I was shocked and saddened when I saw the new poverty data from the U.S. Census that was released earlier this week. The Census data analysis revealed serious declines in women's economic status, including the highest poverty rates in 17 years for women, as well as the highest extreme poverty rates ever recorded for women. These shocking and troubling trend rates make it abundantly clear that it's time to come together to both fight attacks on women's economic and health security, as well as to help rebuild our nation's economy.

What does this mean for us, for our families and communities? We need to urge decision-makers to keep focused on the positive impacts that passing a jobs bill will have on women and families. Focusing on women and job opportunities is critically important to stimulating the engine of our economy as a whole. Women comprise half of the entire paid labor force for the first time in history, yet their wages have remained stagnant, poverty rates have skyrocketed, and the number of women who don't have health insurance has soared. In order to have a healthy economy and nation, we need to address the rising poverty that women and families are facing. After all, our nation didn't become strong by putting women and families last.

With this blog carnival we will focus on how to turn the economy around, and with #HERvotes we will mobilize voters to create a more economically stable and healthier future for ourselves, our children, and our country.


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