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The Parenting in the Workplace Institute (PIWI) has a vision of a world in which interacting with babies is just part of a regular day at the office. For nearly 150 confirmed businesses and more than 1,600 babies, this world is already a vivid and enchanting reality. Will you help our Institute and MomsRising to bring this reality to thousands of other businesses and millions of other families?

We are prepared to enable a dramatic expansion of this world in which babies are welcome to come with their mothers or fathers to work every day and parents care for their children while doing their jobs.

--A world in which bank tellers and grocery store employees cuddle their babies while helping clients, and customers come to the businesses more often specifically to visit the babies

--A world in which coworkers and managers start out skeptical about starting a babies-at-work program, but then find themselves bonding with the babies and wanting them to continue coming to work

--A world in which parents can stay with their babies and support their families at the same time.

--A world in which both men and women in the workplace provide a social network for these new families and volunteer to help care for the babies.

--A world in which the business benefits of these programs are so momentous that executives rave about how integral a baby program has been in the success of their business.

PIWI has already helped five businesses to set up successful and sustainable babies-at-work programs. We have documented successful baby-inclusive programs in law firms, consulting firms, retail stores, credit unions, government agencies, and even in the offices of manufacturing companies, as well as many other kinds of businesses. We know that well-structured baby programs work in companies as small as three employees and as large as three thousand.

We believe that many other companies have experimented with allowing babies at work. We want to find and celebrate these companies. We want to build a network that includes people around the world who want to join us in showing that parenting in the workplace can be the bridge between career and family that our world has been seeking for so long. We want to show that parenting at work transforms businesses, builds strong families, and will revolutionize our world.

For more details on our current projects and to join the parenting-at-work movement, please visit our blog.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

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