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A young girl is sick and having her temperature taken.It's just not right.

In Florida, low-income children who live here legally but were born in another country are automatically denied access to Florida KidCare health coverage for five years. That's five critical years these children may not have access to the health, dental, and vision care that they need to grow up healthy and learn in school.

It doesn't have to be this way.

In fact, 25 other states (including Texas and North Carolina) have already eliminated this unwise waiting period.

Tell your Florida legislator to eliminate the five-year wait for kids' access to KidCare coverage:

The bills being considered to abolish this five-year waiting period have bipartisan support and are sponsored by Republicans in the House and Senate. But there are still a number of lawmakers who aren't sure where they stand yet on this issue and need to hear from you!

Children who are uninsured are more likely to miss school, whereas healthy students are able to better focus on their school work.  Eliminating the five year waiting period would not only help these children, it would save money by eliminating their need to get their healthcare through unnecessary, costly emergency room visits.

And the cost would be minimal as Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration has estimated that eliminating the 5 year waiting period would increase total KidCare enrollment by just one percent.

Sign-on to let your legislators know you support all eligible kids having access to KidCare coverage:

It's time for Florida to take a stand for children's health, just as many other states have, and allow these children to enroll in KidCare, our state's health insurance program for children.

It's time we take action to make sure ALL of Florida's children have the ability to get the healthcare they need, so they can prevent getting sick and, when they do get sick, get the treatment they need.

Sign this petition, asking your legislator to support getting rid of the 5 year waiting period.

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