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Why? Because North Carolina politicos think moms aren't paying attention

Gun safety shenanigans in the NC State House

North Carolinians agree that not everyone should be able to have a gun—not violent criminals, not domestic abusers, not the dangerously mentally ill. That’s why 90% of us want people to be screened through a background check before they are allowed to buy firearms.

Right now, NC lawmakers are trying to pull a fast one. They think no one is paying attention, so they are trying to ram through a law that dismantles NC’s pistol permit system, which requires anyone who wants to buy a handgun to go through a criminal background check.

Seriously, RAM THROUGH. They suddenly introduced the legislation last week and will vote on it early next week.

Well, this mom is paying attention, and I don't like it one bit.

When Missouri did this in 2007, repealing its permit-to-purchase law, its gun-related homicide rate spiked at a time firearm homicides were level across the country. The Journal of Urban Health later published a study showing that the repeal contributed to a 14 percent increase in Missouri's murder rate and was associated with an additional 49 to 68 murders a year.

I don’t want that to happen here in North Carolina. We don’t need a spike in people getting shot here in North Carolina, thank you very much.

We can’t let our state lawmakers pass this legislation, which also criminalizes doctors for questioning their patients about gun safety and reporting risky armed patients to the authorities; forces schools to allow weapons in their parking lots, and opens the way for people to bring guns to the NC State Fair. 

With the NC House voting on this legislation early next week, we need to contact our lawmakers NOW to let them know that we don’t like this gun bill at all and tell them to vote against it. Please join me and contact your lawmaker now by clicking here.

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