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Will you eat them here or there? We all love Sam-I-Am's rhythmic attempt to encourage others to eat strange green food. And when the green eggs are finally eaten, it's hilarious!  But moms and dads aren’t laughing about feeling trapped in a storybook where it’s Uncle Sam who is endorsing a food that we do not want to eat.

And, what do we want to eat less than green eggs?  Pink Slime – a food additive made from spare beef trimmings that's treated with ammonium hydroxide to kill off E. Coli, salmonella, and other possible bacteria, is in grocery stores, cafeterias, and restaurants across the nation.[1]  In fact, one article noted, "ABC cited a former U.S. Department of Agriculture scientist in saying that 70% of supermarket ground beef contained the additive." [2]

Our families deserve to eat high quality foods--and pink slime is most definitely NOT on our list of good eats.

*Join us in urging USDA and FDA to get pink slime out of ground beef now, or at the very least to require labels to list it as an ingredient so that we can decide not to buy it in the stores:

When you do take action via the above link, you'll send an important message to USDA and FDA that moms and dads are paying close attention to the food our children and families eat.


Our children are facing increasing health risks related to their diets. As parents, we make every effort to feed them quality, wholesome foods but we can’t do that if we don’t even know what’s in the products we buy. It’s time to take pink slime off of the menu and off of grocery store shelves--or at least require it to be listed on food labels so moms and dads can decide what’s in the best interest of their families.

With children facing many health problems linked to poor nutrition, it's time to take pink slime off the grocery store shelves and off the menus.

*Moms and dads are paying attention! *Join us in urging USDA and FDA to get pink slime out of ground beef now, or at the very least to require labels to list it as an ingredient so that we can decide not to buy it in the stores:

Our families deserve no less.  Say NO to pink slime.

What exactly is this "slime"? The slime consists of beef by-products: cow intestines, connective tissue, and other parts that are not used in traditional beef cuts.[3]  And, don't forget the ammonia! [4]

Yuck!  Not in a box. Not with a fox. Not in a pool. Not in a store. We do not like it here or there. We do not like it anywhere.

Fictional Dr. Seuss characters eating green eggs is funny.  Our families and children eating pink slime - not so much.

Please take a moment to sign on--and to forward this email to friends (and post the action link on your Facebook page) so others can sign on too.

Together we're a powerful force for women and families.

P.S. Please join us on Monday, March 19, 4:15 PM EST/ 1:15 PM PST, for a mom-to-mom Internet radio discussion with head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Lisa P. Jackson!

MomsRising's fearless leader, Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner will moderate the conversation, which will also include asthma specialist, Dr. Sumita Khatri, and Steph's mom, Lydia Rojas. The topic? How the concept of clean air became "controversial" in the middle of a national asthma epidemic as lawmakers bow to special interests and work to dismantle clean air regulations, and how moms and dads can help.

Join the program here:

Please let us know you plan to participate by RSVPing here.

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