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"We applaud the U.S. House of Representatives for standing up for low-wage workers and families by passing the Raise the Wage Act, which would boost the paychecks of millions of moms and help lift families out of poverty. Today’s action was long overdue. Congress has not increased the minimum wage in more than a decade while corporations have raked in huge profits. Millions of working families are struggling to cover their basic needs and are without the economic security they need and deserve.

“By raising the federal minimum wage and phasing out unjust exclusions for tipped workers, this bill would help families put food on the table, afford high-quality childcare and pay for the health care they need. It would boost wages for women, and especially women of color, who disproportionately hold minimum-wage and tipped jobs. In doing so, it would help fight damaging wage gaps. 

“No worker should be paid unfair, poverty-level wages or suffer the economic insecurity that comes with them. We thank House leaders for making this a priority and every representative who voted to pass this crucial legislation, which will boost our nation’s families, communities, businesses and its economy. We urge the Senate to waste no time in doing the same.”

--Statement of Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, executive director and CEO, MomsRising

“In the United States today, a mother of two who works full-time at minimum wage lives in poverty. Women hold nearly two-thirds of minimum-wage jobs, as well as more than two-thirds of tipped jobs, which pay as little as $2.13/hour - a rate that has not been raised since 1991. Women of color are overrepresented in these low-paying jobs. These outrageously low wages are injustices that help drive deeply harmful wage gaps, which especially punish moms and women of color. We cannot address the damaging inequality that women face without raising the minimum wage.

“If the U.S. Senate passes the bill and President Trump signs it into law, the Raise the Wage Act would boost low-income working families by raising the federal minimum wage to $15 over the next six years and then indexing it so it continues to rise with wages overall. It would also phase out the tipped wage and close unjustifiable loopholes that allow companies to pay young people and people with disabilities subminimum wages. In doing so, it would give nearly one in three working women a raise and especially boost women of color. 

“As the cost of living continues to rise, the urgency grows. America’s moms need the U.S. Senate to quickly pass the Raise the Wage Act, to give nearly 40 million workers a long-overdue raise and help women work with dignity, equity and safety. America’s moms will continue to raise our voices until everyone - regardless of gender, race, job sector, disability status, or age - is paid a fair wage and all families can thrive.”

--Statement of Ruth Martin, Vice President, Workplace Justice Campaigns, MomsRising

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