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[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A colorful comic-style image showing women in capes as superheroes for women's and civil rights.]
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What a week. What a year. What a moment in our nation’s history. What a time for you and your family. This has been a hard year.

Thank you.

You are a true superhero. Yes, you.

You have done the impossible this year. Even though it’s a pandemic and you’re juggling more than seems possible each day, you just powered a more massive wave of mom voter engagement than we ever dreamed possible. (For instance, we had a goal of sending 3 million texts to low frequency voters to get them info on how to vote, and we together ended up sending over 23 MILLION). And over the past couple of months, you also just powered more powerful outreach to members of Congress on the urgent need for COVID-19 relief than we imagined could happen. (For instance, together we made over 765,000 contacts with members of Congress to help advance COVID-19 relief, including expanding unemployment insurance and direct payments, paid leave and sick days, healthcare and access to nutritious food, affordable childcare, and more.)

Thank you for all you’re giving to your family and community, to protect your own health, and to lift democracy and open avenues for everyone to thrive… all during a historically devastating pandemic.

Now, it’s Giving Tuesday and we hope you contribute to help us keep up the MOMentum because our work together is far from done. * And today your gift will go twice as far-- an anonymous donor will MATCH your donation!

There’s so much to do, but one thing 2020 has taught us is that we are incredibly powerful and effective together. That’s why for Giving Tuesday 2020 we’re celebrating the joy and power of every single one of us in the MomsRising community together, including YOU, who moved mountains to get out the vote, to protect our families’ and communities’ health, and to stand up for women, moms, and families in this uniquely challenging year.

The numbers are HUGE -- the largest in MomsRising’s history:

  • 73,000 volunteers stepped forward to help get out the vote!
  • Completed over 23.4 million texts and phone calls to get voting information out!
  • Wrote over 2.1 million hand-written postcards -- and helped get out a total of 4.5 million postcards to low frequency voters with the information they needed to vote!
  • More than 88,244,357 reached social media in English and Spanish!
  • Over 272 state-based local Beacons of Hope Precinct Captains made over 318,000 local contacts with low-frequency mom voters in their communities!

Those stats are just the tip of the iceberg of what we did together to get out the vote -- and is far more than we ever dreamed possible! (It’s also way more than we originally planned to do!! Thank you for pushing through expectations to soar!). You helped break volunteer records and set historic voter turnout records across the nation. We’re full of gratitude and awe for all that we’ve accomplished together so far.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have done to move this nation forward together with the joy and power of MomsRising… even as you’ve been juggling staying healthy in a pandemic!

And, as you know, there’s so much more work (and so many more potential WINS for women and families!) just on the horizon! So in honor of Giving Tuesday today, we invite you to keep rising to make racial justice, economic justice, and gender justice possible for every woman, mom, and family in America.

Please help keep the MOMentum going and growing with a Giving Tuesday contribution to MomsRising today. It will be MATCHED by an anonymous donor!

With your gift, you’ll help prepare and power up the MomsRising movement for our 2021 plans and beyond! We’re continuing to amplify our power and voices for:

  • Emergency COVID-19 relief
  • Healthcare as a right
  • Lifting our economy and workplace justice
  • Criminal and youth justice along with police reform
  • Childcare priorities
  • Maternal & reproductive health justice
  • Families and immigration
  • Gun safety
  • Voting rights and voter participation
  • And so much more

We have so much work yet to do. And we are so thankful to be doing this work with you.

Help us honor moms and families today with continued action for change through a donation to help us all RISE together! Remember, your donation will be MATCHED by an anonymous donor!

Thank you for being a big, essential, powerful part of the MomsRising community and for your continued compassion, hard work, and generosity. Thank you for showing the nation the true meaning of superhero.

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