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As a busy mom, dad, grandparent, or caregiver, and person who cares about democracy… Are you interested in voting by mail?

MomsRising has you covered! We have a handy tool where you can double check that you’re registered to vote (please do, it’s good practice because some people get pushed off the voter rolls!) AND also request a vote-by-mail ballot if you can in your state.

*Just go here:

Time is flying toward November 3rd, the general election. Now is the time to check your registration, get a vote-by-mail ballot if you can, and make a plan to vote, and MomsRising makes it easy for you.

The link we’re sharing with you in this email goes to a cool tool to fuel democracy. Here are the details: MomsRising is working with BallotReady, using its new tool to ease the way for every voter in the country to cast their ballot, from voter registration to applying for a mail-in-ballot to how to find early voting locations in your state. The tool is backed up by a team of more than 100 researchers who are micro-monitoring voting developments in every county and state, and building those developments into the tool in real time to facilitate voting no matter where a voter is located, with updates and reminders every step of the way.

*Get a quick start on voting now.

This year, with the pandemic, A LOT of misinformation about voting, as well as voter suppression and issues with the USPS in the mix, we strongly suggest that when you make a plan to vote, which includes voting early. You can make a plan to vote early in a couple of ways:

  • If you’re planning to vote-by-mail, then please commit to filling out and mailing back your ballot within 24 hours of receiving it.
  • If you’re planning to vote in person, then please commit to voting early if that option is open to you in your state.

*Use our BallotReady tool to make your plan and get ready! Here’s the link again for you to double check that you’re still registered to vote AND also request a vote-by-mail ballot if you can in your state.

Now, the next very important step in planning for the November 2020 elections is to spread the word!!! Can you share this voter registration and vote-by-mail ballot request link with 5 other people so they can double check that they’re registered to vote and make an early voting plan too? Please forward this email, and you can also share the link on your social media with an encouraging message from you.

*Here’s the link to the BallotReady tool again to share:

And here are some tips to help build democracy!

  • Share the link with 5 friends by text, by email, and/or by social media. The more people who can vote, the better!
  • Don’t know what to write? Here’s some sample social media language for Twitter, Facebook, etc. — you can also even use it for a text to friends if you want. Feel free to just cut and paste if helpful:

→ November is coming fast! Interested in voting by mail if you can? You can use this simple tool to request an absentee or mail-in ballot and/or check your voter registration!

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Thank you for being a voter! Thank you for raising voters! And thank you for reaching out to other voters!

Together, we are a powerful force!

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