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This morning I was writing a post "Little Princesses and Disillusioned Moms" on my Mojo Mom blog, commenting on a new Alternet article, "The Big Corporate Motherhood Conspiracy" by Janina Stajic. One of my points was to trace a line connecting the earliest princess fantasies we sell our daughters, to the marriage fantasies and motherhood fantasies we are sold every day as adult women. As I was writing this piece, I received an email from The Right Start marketing their "Think Pink Shop" with 70 pink products--"gifts to pamper your little princess." Just in case I needed a reminder about the powerful marketing machines that churn around us--gender stereoptying is alive and well and most definitely starts before birth!

How can we get this to stop? Is it worth taking the time to give The Right Start a piece of my mind? I have a whole list of work to do today, including projects for MomsRising. It's a challenge to keep track of all the moving parts in my busy and fragmented life and pick the battles that are worth the effort.

I'll be interested in your comments.

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