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I love those images in magazines as much as anyone else -- you know, the images of the mother lightly skipping through the field of flowers with her laughing children.

And yeah, once in a while I’ve had a field of flowers moment, but mostly motherhood is something else, something more real, more gritty, more laugh-out-loud funny, and touching.

There is joy, frustration, and funnier-than-I-ever-imagined-possible human comedy in the very long-term project of raising children. Yes, there are also the other experiences: The bloopers.

Those moments when our children fall asleep in the spaghetti bowl, or when our pets are extra cute with our kids, or when… you know what I mean!

*Do you have a funny--or touching--short video up your sleeve?  We want to feature short video clips from real moms, dads, grandparents, kids, babies, and even pets!

Have a funny or touching moment you caught on video like your child refusing to potty train?  The miraculous first steps, the calamity of a teenager’s room, or have a story about a mom who inspired you, sage mom to mom advice?  We want your short video clips!  Your video clip can be 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute or two. We'll take your short video clips of any length!

Let us know if you can share a video here:

We’ll be selecting short videos to feature on our blog and may even make a short video for Mother’s Day compiling highlights from submitted video clips.  And be sure to complete the form with your mailing address when you submit your video so we can send you a FREE MomsRising bumpersticker!

We’re all in this together!  Sharing our funny home video moments, our milestones, our joys, and our tears of joy allows us to tell our own story – a story of strength, superhero powers and yes, the frequent realization that we’ve been outnumbered and outwitted by our kids (and sometimes pets too).

We want all kinds of videos:  Humorous moments that were accidentally caught on film, touching moments, and stories from all phases of life – what it’s like being moms or dads of adults, or seeing your child become a parent, being a parent of a young adult child, a teenager, a toddler and a baby.  And we want to hear from kids too!  What do they think about their mom?  What makes her special?  (*You can create a short video just for this project, or you can simply submit something that you already have on film).

Let us know if you can share a video by clicking here:

It’s time for mothers to be heard and we want to hear from each other!  By sharing compelling funny, emotional, and true member generated video content on our blog, we'll  be able to support each other, cheer each other on, and build our movement for family health and economic security.

Help us to keep it real! Thank you!

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