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May shined brightly at MomsRising, especially with Mother’s Day in the spotlight!

Throughout the month, we showcased the incredible power of moms and advocated with our over a million members for a brighter future. From our Caregiver in Chief Award to President Biden at the White House, to our Mom Power Press Conference in the U.S. House, to the launch of our 2024 voter postcard program and beyond, your support made magical MOMentum possible.

Thanks to supporters like you, this movement has never been more vibrant, mobilized, or connected. Moms and people who love them are truly changing the world!

Keep reading to see how.

With love and gratitude,

Kerri, Kristin, Donna, Jenny, Felicia, and everyone at MomsRising

ACTION OF THE MONTH: Get Out the Vote in 2024 with FREE Postcards! 

Sign up now to write 20 postcards to registered mom voters just like you who may need an extra nudge to get to the polls!

Your generosity powers up this campaign. Thank you!


White House Gender Policy Council Director and Assistant to the President Jennifer Klein, MomsRising’s Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, and actress Uma Thurman at the White House after presenting the MomsRising Caregiver in Chief Award. 


At MomsRising, Mother's Day in May is more than just a celebration of the incredible work of moms and other caregivers — it's a month-long opportunity to drive cultural and legislative change so the contributions and needs of moms are counted every day, not just Mother’s Day. This May, we honored and empowered moms and caregivers while advocating for policies that create a better future for all families – all thanks to supporters like you! 

What better place to start, than the White House! MomsRising Executive Director Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner presented a Caregiver in Chief Award for President Biden! 

Learn WHY we gave our Caregiver in Chief Award to President Biden and VP Harris and enjoy photo highlights (including capes!) 

See our Mother’s Day at the White House video with Uma Thurman

We also honored our superheroes in Congress at a Mother’s Day press conference with key U.S. House members — and reminded all members of Congress that moms want more than flowers for Mother’s Day. We want care policies that moms, families, and businesses need to thrive.

The conference featured MomsRising Executive Vice President Donna Norton and MomsRising members from across the country who shared their stories about the need for child care, paid family and medical leave, and investments in maternal health. We gave Democratic Women's Caucus members superhero capes and storybooks with the experiences of moms across the country who have struggled without a care infrastructure.

See the Mother’s Day storybook we gave to the DWC and sent to every member of Congress, highlighting the urgent need to enact 7 core Care Economy policies

Moms want (and need!) more than flowers for Mother’s Day. So we changed the narrative. 

Here’s the lowdown. On Mother’s Day, MomsRising, and dozens of organizations we organized, pushed out content about the policy changes moms need under the hashtag #MomsPowerUS. We reached far more people than we expected: 

  • Authors: 21,200
  • Mentions: 31,200
  • Views: 3,690,000
  • Estimated Reach: 22,800,000
  • Estimated Impressions: 204,000,000

All told, #MomsPowerUS trended big time on Mother's Day, ranking #4 alongside the popular #MothersDay, #MothersDay2024, and #HappyMothersDay.


Your support has given us a tremendous jumpstart on the crucial 2024 presidential election! We're thrilled to announce the return of our wildly popular and incredibly effective MomsVote postcard campaign.

In recent years, MomsRising’s hand-written voter postcards have motivated tens of thousands of infrequent mom voters to cast their ballots in the 2018, 2020, and 2022 elections. With over 40,000 members volunteering to write these postcards, our community has made a significant impact!

Mom-to-mom, friend-to-friend, neighbor-to-neighbor, dedicated members like you are bringing mom voters to the polls. Thank you for your continued support and passion!

Join our 2024 Voter Postcard program and be part of this powerful movement 

[archive] FROM THE INBOX: Postcard Pics Show A Tidal Wave of Civic Pride and Joy


A MomsRising member’s child gives a Mother’s Day storybook to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.


Through your generous support, MomsRising has become a powerhouse for amplifying the voices of moms, families, and caregivers. Our innovative approach to storytelling has helped thousands of members share their stories with policymakers and the media, contributing directly to shaping public policy.

Last year alone, we empowered more than 6,723 people to share their stories about their priority policies, bringing us closer to securing the essential care policies everyone deserves.

Learn more about how MomsRising stories shape public policy in this post by Storytelling Innovations National Director Felicia Burnett.


NEWSWEEK: Power to the Moms! | Opinion
“Mother's Day, when all eyes are on moms, is the time to build momentum for the solutions we all know we need.” — MomsRising Executive Director Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner

YAHOO! NEWS: Debate continues over banning school materials
“This is not a very Live Free or Die vibe and it is not the New Hampshire way.” – MomsRising New Hampshire Senior Director MacKenzie Nicholson

PARENTS: New Tennessee Law Allows Teachers to Carry Guns in Schools—See Where Your State Stands
“Children can gain access to improperly stored firearms. School employees can fire weapons accidentally. Teachers can misuse a firearm during a mental health crisis. These aren't hypotheticals.” – MomsRising Senior Vice President Gloria Pan

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