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Over the past couple of years I have attended multiple conferences addressing the various connections between food, health & culture. I've gained so much as both a featured presenter and an attendee, with each I have walked away with a wealth of new resources, information and oftentimes new friends.

This is why I'm excited and looking forward to Food Power! An upcoming conference put together by the awesome proactive moms of the MomsRising organization! This event aims to be an inspirational gathering of moms, bloggers, filmmakers, and the fabulous MomsRising team specifically confronting the epidemic of childhood obesity. Within the past few years childhood obesity rates in this country has risen from one in 7 to one in 3, part of the purpose of this conference is to offer potential reasons for this crisis, as well as share and create real life tactical solutions to the problem.

Fortunately there is already strong movement slowly building among food activists, health professionals, schoolteachers & parents alike in where creating an environment of optimal health for our children has become a priority. Candy and soda machines are being removed from schools and being replaced with salad bars and fruit options. Gardening is fast becoming a weekly school activity, the idea being that children that learn to grow vegetables are more likely to eat them when served. In addition, that very necessary hour of physical education which for awhile seemed to disappear from the average school day is now making a comeback.

There is still the issue of junk food marketing to contend with as well as the challenges of time, cost and access to healthy food. As a mom, food activist and a health educator I am often confronted with all of the various issues that come along with this sad crisis. Daily I deal with students who are too large to run and play without getting incredibly winded, often unable to walk up steps or even stand for a short time. I have had countless conversations with parents whose children have diabetes, high blood pressure & asthma all of which in many cases are preventable illnesses. I have also spoken with families and students about the importance of a balanced colorful meal which must always include something green and leafy. Oftentimes when my teens and I read the ingredients on their snacks and juices they realize the toxicity of what they are taking in and are happy to do without it. W

hat we often take note of is how popular culture is used to sell junk food, through music, print media and most especially television. 98% of the food that is advertised on television is fast
food so its almost impossible to watch even an hour of TV without being bombarded with temptation. This challenge and the tactics to confront it are just some of the topics for discussion at this
upcoming noteworthy conference. Now is a critical time of action!! It would be great to say that a few years from now we were able to go from one in 3 children being obese to one in 10 or more! Lets make it happen!!

Join in on this important conversation, bloggers, moms, dads and children are welcome to connect and exchange ideas at
Food Power
a MomsRising conference to reverse childhood obesity
Saturday, March 2, 2013
11am-3pm (lunch will be served)
Brooklyn Bridge Marriott
333 Adams Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201


Speakers will include:

  • Dr. Aletha Maybank, NYC Dept. of Public Health
  • Dream Hampton, MomsRising.orgBasic RGB
  • Migdalia Rivera, Latina On A Mission
  • Tanya Fields, The BLK ProjeK
  • Lorraine Gonzalez, Children’s Defense Fund
  • Joy Spencer, Center for Digital Democracy
  • Elisa Batista,
  • Lisa Creighton, National Education Association Health Information Network
  • Kimberly Seals Allers,
  • Jessica Donze Black, Director, Kids Safe and Healthful Foods
  • Marty Kearns, Netcentric Campaigns
  • Yoli Ouiya, New York Coalition for Healthy School Food
  • Kate Klimczak, Center for Science in the Public Interest

Plus a screening of the award winning film Soul Food Junkies!!

This is a FREE event, children are welcome and lunch will be served.

As a mom I happily concede that nothing matters more to me than the safety and health of my child, I am looking forward to meeting with other parents and community members who feel the same. This is the perfect time for us to come together and come up with individual and community wide action plans and as always there is strength in numbers.

I hope to see you there!!


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