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Today is Equal Pay Day. Again. Seriously, we are doing this again. It’s the day that marks the fact that, on average, it takes women 15 months to make what men make in 12 months.

It's way past time for a change!

Sign onto our open letter calling on state and federal lawmakers to end unfair pay by championing policies proven to help close the wage gap and boost our national economy: paycheck and workplace fairness, paid family and medical leave, affordable, high-quality early learning and childcare opportunities, earned sick days and raising the minimum wage.

To be really clear, while today symbolizes the wage gap of all women taken together, it does NOT tell the whole story. The fact is that mothers and women of color bear the largest brunt of the wage gap.

I find this day to be equal parts frustrating and inspiring.

Frustrated that we’re here. But more importantly, inspired by the reality that together we CAN make a difference.

Look at the victory we just had on healthcare! Look how together we’ve made affordable childcare and paid family leave front page issues. Look how many places we’ve won victories on earned paid sick days. Look at how many states are moving forward and passing legislation that bars employers from requiring job applicants to disclose prior salary.

I like to look at Equal Pay Day as a day to recommit to my new mantra (you may have heard of it): Nevertheless, she persisted.

So, I’m going to keep this message to you short. In part, because it’s all been said before!

But, I’m also keeping this short because I’m about to head out to do some door knocking, and take my 5-year-old daughter to a rally on Capitol Hill where we will call on our members of Congress to get to work on ending unfair pay!

On Equal Pay Day, and on every day, we can work together to stamp out the gender wage gap. Sign on now!

Read more on the subject here and, thank you for all that you do!

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