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This is it. It’s Election Eve. We have less than 24 hours until the election -- and we urgently need your help reminding infrequent voters to #VOTE on Election Day, which is tomorrow, November 6, by making some quick reminders to vote.  It’s going to take all of us to make voter turnout this year historic.

*Your help is urgently needed. Click here to start a 20 minute phone bank shift anytime today OR tomorrow:

As soon as you click in, your shift will start. MAGIC! All you need is a comfortable spot, a cell phone and internet connection, and then the dialing magic can happen.

It’s easy. Only takes 20 minutes to have a big impact. The phone calling platform is intuitive, and when you click through, we give you sample scripts of what to say, like:

“Hi! My name is [your first name]. I’m a volunteer with MomsRising, a national organization of more than 1 million moms, dads and family members who want what’s best for kids and our future! Can we count on you to vote on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th?”

The phone banks are open from 10am to 9pm ET / 7am to 6pm PT. The best times to call (when your calls will go through the fastest and you’re most likely to connect with voters) are: Monday from 7-9pm ET / 4-6pm PT; and Tuesday, ELECTION DAY, from 10-Noon ET / 1-3pm PT.

The clock is ticking - and we urgently need your help reminding infrequent voters to be voters this year! Just click here to get into our phone banking system to get out the vote right now!

Your voice is needed right now. This is a moment in history that we won’t get again. The time to help get out the votes is right now, today, and tomorrow.  

Together, we can do this! Thank you!

P.S. PLEASE ALSO JOIN US FOR OUR POWER SURGE ONLINE OPEN HOUSE, today at 6 pm ET/ 3 pm PT! Just come to our online meeting room here at that time.

You can do your calls anytime. But we’re here to answer any questions you have, too during the Open House! You can join Dorie and Gloria at 6pm ET/ 3pm PT today to get started on your calls (or texts, if you signed up previously), ask any questions you may have, or just hang out with us to celebrate voting and GOTV!

*Just come to our online meeting room here at 6pm ET/ 3pm PT:

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