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While the tragic shooting of Congresswoman Giffords has postponed the vote to repeal health care reform, we still expect the vote to happen within the next few weeks.  We need your help to educate the public and Congress.  The fact of the matter is repealing the new health care law known as the Affordable Care Act would take away personal freedoms and harm families.

We’ve been hearing from families across the country about how this law will give them reliable health insurance when they or their children get sick.  It will help them keep their kids healthy and get care for them when they are not.  Repealing the health care overhaul would put control over health care back in the hands of insurance companies.

How can you help?  Members of Congress need to hear from their constituents that the Affordable Care Act is helping families.  That's why we've been asking our members for their personal stories about how health reform is helping them and are in the process of compiling them into a book that we'll deliver to members of Congress.  We received hundreds of stories from around the country, but we still need to hear from Delaware, North Dakota or Rhode Island. And we need more from Nevada.

*Can you help us fight efforts to repeal and block health reform by sharing your personal experiences about how health reform is helping you?  Click here to share your experiences now:

Is the passage of health care reform helping you sleep better at night just knowing you won't be able to get dropped if you get sick?  Are you, or anyone in your family, relieved that there will no longer be pre-existing condition exclusions?  Just click the link above to tell us all about what health care reform means to you.

The stories are powerful, like this one from Jenny, an Oregon mom who writes, “The changes in the health care law will allow my son, who is a full time student to be covered under the health insurance policy I have through my employer.  He was dropped in December when he turned 23. He has been unable to afford individual health insurance.  As a single parent with two kids in college, I cannot afford to help him pay for a personal policy and I lived in fear that he would get sick or injured.

Hundreds of MomsRising members have shared their experiences and thoughts about health care reform, and now we need to hear from people in your state like... you!

Do you have an experience or thoughts about health care reform to share?

Here are some questions to help you get started:

• Do you have a child with a pre-existing condition and no longer have to worry that your child will be denied or dropped from coverage because of his or her pre-existing condition?

• Are you a small business owner who is benefiting from the new health insurance tax credits?

• Are you a senior who has recently received a $250 rebate check to make it easier to purchase prescription drugs?

• Have you been able to take advantage of preventive care like a mammogram or colonoscopy because of health care reform?

• Is your older child now able to stay on your health insurance plan?

• Have you ever had your care rescinded after you got sick--and now you can sleep better at night knowing this won't be allowed to happen again?

• Do you no longer have to worry about a lifetime limit on your health insurance or your child's health insurance?

• Are you or someone you know enrolled in the new Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan?

If you have had any of these experiences, or thoughts you'd like to share about how health reform has helped your family, or about how it will soon help your family, please share them here:

And please click that red "Share" link below to pass this on to friends and family who may also have healthcare stories to tell.

Thanks for your support of children and families!

P.S. Check out this very cool interactive map with great stories from MomsRising members about how health care reform is helping families across the country:

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