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MomsRising members stand up against for profit prisons and detention centers

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Over the past few weeks and months, we’ve seen the heartbreaking photos of children and families being kept in inhumane conditions by the Trump Administration’s horrific policies. MomsRising members have swung into action -- holding protests in their communities, urging our legislators to take action, and also using our consumer voices to make sure our banks do not profit from the suffering of children and families.

And we are making a tremendous difference! Working with the powerful Families Belong Together coalition, we won the commitment of JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, SunTrust Bank, BNP Paribas, and Fifth Third Bancorp to end financing of private prisons, where the majority of people in immigration custody are detained. These six bank commitments represent a whopping 72% of the total current financing available to private prison companies, CoreCivic and Geo Group! [1,2]

Let’s keep up our momentum by getting more banks to stop financing private prisons!

*Sign now to say NO to Barclays, PNC, and other banks profiting from the suffering of families!

Why is this important?

Private for-profit prisons are a key component of President Trump’s plan to incarcerate immigrant children and families; and are also part of the system of mass incarceration that has particularly devastated communities of color. This is a big deal. More than 70% of immigrants in immigration custody are in private prisons. [3]

Private prison companies, like CoreCivic and GEO Group, two of the largest for-profit prison and detention corporations, depend on funding from banks to conduct their day-to-day business operations, finance new facilities and acquire smaller companies. [4]

Six major banks have stopped financing the private prison industry. It’s time for Barclays, PNC, and other banks to stop financing private prisons too. A 2019 analysis of GEO Group and CoreCivic’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 2018 filings show that Barclays, PNC, and other banks have had a major role in financing one or more private prison companies. [5] In doing so, Barclays, PNC, and other banks are complicit in and profiting from mass incarceration and the criminalization of immigration. [6]

We can use our consumer voices to cut off the corporate money behind President Trump’s cruel immigration policies that incarcerate children and families and to help stop the profit motive for making our country the one with the highest incarceration rate in the world.

*Tell Barclays, PNC, and other banks to stop financing private prisons!

Most parents would do anything to make sure their children have a safe, free, and healthy life, but across our country, parents have been cruelly separated from their children and held in private prisons where they are unable to care for, or often even see their children. Moreover, many private prisons have documented histories of inadequate medical care and human rights abuses and are part of the system of mass incarceration that has particularly devastated communities of color. [7]

Together we can stop this!

The consumer voices of moms are powerful! We have already made a big difference, because of your actions, bank after bank has committed to stop financing private prisons. But our work isn’t done.

There can be no business in putting children and families behind bars! It’s time for Barclays, PNC, and other banks to stop financing private prisons!


Join us in demanding that Barclays, PNC, and other banks stop financing private prisons!

Together we can win the fight to end funding for private prisons and secure a brighter future for all children and families.


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