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How are you doing after this chaotic, exhausting, rollercoaster of an election?

We’re hearing from many MomsRising members who are still reeling and looking for community and ways to be engaged. We’re hearing that they feel an urgency to meet and connect in person with others in order to take stock and think about the election and the road ahead.

Does that include you? If so, we want to support you.

*Let us know if you’re participating and/or organizing post-election get-togethers, and we’ll send you some conversation resources: Click here.

This is an important time to be in community, online and otherwise. Many members of the MomsRising team have already held meetings in their communities and are reporting that this in-person connection is providing a much-needed sense of community, vision and renewed focus. (Have you already had a gathering? If so, then let us know what ideas for action came up and how it went, here.)

Some of us are most concerned about how this moment will affect our children, others are eager to know how best to be an ally to people and groups vulnerable to attack and discrimination, and still others are ready to think of policy-based and other actions. All of these instincts are great and needed. Our conversation resources offer discussion prompts for all of these interests and more.

*Click here to say you’re going to get together, and we’ll send you some conversation resources for your gathering.

We are here for you. As I shared several days ago, MomsRising is doubling down on our commitment to advancing policy and cultural change that make the world a better place for all moms and families. It’s more important than ever that we tackle our mission to increase family economic security, to decrease discrimination against women and moms, to fight racism, sexism and xenophobia, and to build a nation where businesses and families can thrive. Most Americans share this vision and for this reason, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by an estimated 2 million votes.[1]

The more of us who join together, the more powerful we will be. It’s time to connect.

Many people have already connected and many have ideas. Is this you? We want to hear from you too!

==> Have ideas? Had a gathering already? Or just have action ideas? If you have thoughts on how MomsRising can grow our movement, click here to share your ideas

Immediate action to signal that we’ll be fighting is great, and reflection and strategizing for the long-term is important too. That’s why we urge you to gather with people in your community as you can and then tell us your ideas for protecting all of our country’s people at this moment in history.

Together we will continue to be a powerful force for women and their families.

P.S. Are you fired up and ready to take action? Let’s roll up our sleeves together to protect ALL children and families in our nation.Sign on NOW to be on our Risers Leadership Taskforce here:

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