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Twenty-six years ago when I first went to work for the United Church of Christ (UCC) Commission for Racial Justice, terms such as environmental racism, environmental INjustice, and environmental justice were just entering the lexicon. Communities of color, low-income, tribal and immigrant communities had experienced such phenomena for millennia, but they didn’t have the language to describe these concerns as distinct from the other inequities they experienced.

But everyone knew that the town dump or incinerator was near where they lived. That railroad tracks cut their communities off from other parts of town and that the trains frequently spilled harmful substances while passing through. That extractive mines, coal-fired power plants, nuclear weapons storage facilities, and industrial animal farms (mostly hogs, catfish and chickens) just appeared in their midst, polluting neighborhoods with toxic fumes and millions of gallons of waste.

For more than 30 years these same communities have been educating themselves, organizing their neighbors, and challenging what we think of as environmentalism to expand the definition to include issues of racial and economic equality, as well as the right to be treated equally before the law. They now know that chemical manufacturing, transport and storage, waste water treatment, hazardous waste disposal, power utilities and other high polluting industry are found disproportionately in or near the places where they live, work, worship, go to school and recreate. And today they have the language to fight it.

Women, mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters have long been at the forefront of this ever-expanding movement for environmental justice. They notice the rising rates of asthma, illness and sickness, the foul smells in the air, and taste in the water. They notice that their communities are being disproportionately exposed to toxins, and the adverse health impacts that result. For one local group in Gainesville, GA – the Newtown Florist Club – the first alarm bell was when they noticed the increase in the number of funerals they were being asked to provide floral arrangements for.

In coastal areas and Alaskan Villages, they notice the rising water levels, the depletion in fish and shellfish varieties, and degraded oceans, lakes and stream quality. They notice this in the Yukon basin of Alaska, along the Gulf Coast, and most recently in Brooklyn and Staten Island, NY, and in Atlantic City, NJ, and other Eastern Seaboard areas, where Hurricane Sandy swept through, devastating many communities in its wake.

These women have taken their concerns to the White House, state capitols, and the United Nations. They have organized their neighbors, passed local ordinances and established state environmental justice bodies. They have pressed every presidential administration since George W. Bush to do more to stop the disproportionate exposure to pollution, to enforce environmental laws in these often-overlooked places, and to reduce the burden of pollution that their communities have to bear.

They have prodded this President as well, and will continue to press their case until the air quality improves, until their families and communities are no longer disproportionately exposed to air pollution and other toxins.  So we invite you to join us today by adding your blog post to ours to create a groundswell of concern to protect our families, our communities and our right to be treated fairly.  We seek environmental justice for all.

Vernice Miller-Travis is a groundbreaking leader of the environmental justice movement. As a research assistant to Charles Lee, research director at the UCC Commission for Racial Justice, she helped write and publish the seminal 1987 report, Toxic Waste and Race in the United States. As a program leader at NRDC, a program officer at the Ford Foundation, and then as the co-founder of We ACT for EnvironmentalJustice in her hometown of Harlem, NY, she continues to work to advance environmental justice for the many communities who continue to suffer under the burden of pollution exposure, public health disparities, and rising mortality rates.


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