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One time my husband was headed out of town to attend a national conference. As I was driving him to the airport, he casually mentioned he would be making a key presentation to his colleagues and asked if I had any quick tips. This really triggered me; in my former life as a highly sought-after career strategist with a three-month waiting list, I was paid big bucks to coach men/women on how to prepare for and maximize career advancing opportunities like this. As an army of accusatory thoughts lined up in my mind; I barely managed to stop myself from unleashing a slew of criticisms around why he had waited until the last minute to ask for my input on something so important.

Later that afternoon I had “one of those days” ….a schedule glitch, a miscommunication with a vendor, a technical malfunction, a lost check— and suddenly everything felt like it was going from bad to worse. I was trying to wrap up an intense week filled with lots of deadlines before leaving town on a family beach vacation, yet my swirling negative thoughts were preparing to morph from a small dust devil into a powerful full-scale tornado that would ruin the family getaway for everyone. (If you can relate, make sure and read my post last week on Things To Do When Life Feels Hard.)

But something surprising happened. After stewing for a few minutes on all that had gone wrong, I paused, which has been one of the many benefits I’ve received from a regular morning meditation practice. Within that pause, I recognized this familiar emotional terrain — how my body was now constricting and tightening. I asked myself, “Do you really want to succumb to this downward spiral of negative thoughts? Is this really where you want to go and who you want to be?” Of course, it wasn’t. I wanted to be open, loving, spacious and compassionate. What I really wanted was to just let go of all my negative reactions. And so I did.

Actor Larry Eisenberg reminds us, “For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe.”

Not every situation ends this successfully. Sometimes the allure of a good argument takes me down an old worn path. But increasingly, I’m learning to pause, check in with myself, to challenge my old habits and make sure I like the destination this particular train is headed. If I don’t, I wave it on and consciously choose to L.E.T. G.O. More and more I’m learning, peace of mind is only a thought away.

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