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Here is yet another story I just spotted for the MomsRising blog carnival. Daisy Cuevas, the 7-year-old girl who got to ask First Lady Michelle Obama a question, has become a symbol for undocumented immigrants in the country. Here is the Associated Press story about it.

Cuevas, who attends an elementary school in Maryland, recently asked First Lady Michelle Obama if it was true that the president "is taking away everybody that doesn't have papers."

The First Lady responded: "Well, that's something that we have to work on, right, to make sure that people can be here with the right kind of papers."

"But my mom doesn't have papers," said Daisy, a U.S. citizen by virtue of her birth.

As we have discussed throughout this blog carnival, the fallout has been devastating for Daisy's family, who have asked not to be quoted or photographed. Her mother cried and immediately went into hiding for fear of deportation.

Apparently, Daisy has an older sister named July who lives back home in Peru. The family have not been able to get together due to Daisy's parents' undocumented status. Daisy cries at not being able to see her sister July.

But like many poor immigrants before and after them, the Cuevas family have worked hard to make the United States home. Daisy's mother is a maid and her father is a carpenter.

If we accomplish anything with immigration reform and enforcement, I hope it is that we protect the interests of children like Daisy. But, also, that we are compassionate for the parents, who like all parents, are simply looking for a better future for their children.

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