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There are 2 important election tasks on busy moms' to-do lists this week - check them off!

1) Voter registration deadlines to mail-in your form are coming up in the next few days for 31 states, and

2) Lots of moms are signing up to vote absentee or early and avoid election day lines!

Here are some tips:

1. Register to Vote By This Weekend!
The deadline to turn in your voter registration form is this week in 31 states! Some states also allow same day registration and voting on Election Day, but why wait? makes it easy to register with our online form. Fill it out and mail it today.

To register, click here.

(If you have any questions about your state's deadlines and whether your mailed-in form will arrive in time, plan to hand-deliver your form to your county elections office and check out this link for your state's info.)

2. Voting Early and Absentee. Did you know you may be able to vote early or absentee in your state as early as today? Check out this great option for busy moms! Lots of moms are doing it!

Voting early or absentee puts democracy on your schedule. I love voting at my kitchen table with my voter registration guide about the candidates and issues--and, of course, my MomsRising bingo card (where I've been tallying the candidates' stances on these issues!) If you're in a state with an early voting option, go for it! This election is too important to be sidelined at the last minute by one of those unexpected emergencies that could keeep you from the polls (like having to work late or a sick child).

Check out your very own Secretary of State's Web site to learn more about your state's specific absentee and in-person early voting requirements. You can get there from this link..

The deadline to apply for an absentee ballot falls between Oct. 24 and Oct. 31 in most states, but apply early (as in right now!) to give your elections office and the postal service plenty of time to get you a ballot.

Register, vote early, and put your mind at ease. Then, if you have time on Election Day, volunteer to help other moms make it to the polls, perhaps by watching their kids while they vote.

This election is going to be very close, and moms everywhere are counting on you to exercise your right to vote--a right we sometimes take for granted.

Thanks for doing your part. Together we can build a more family-friendly America.

P.S. Here's another great voting resource from the League of Women Voters

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