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Amy feels like a new woman after her first preventive care checkup

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A smile spread across Amy’s face as she strolled out of her doctor‘s office with a clean bill of health yesterday. The sun was shining, and tulips were blooming, as her thoughts turned to planting her first crops of the season.

“I love growing wholesome berries and vegetables, “ Amy beams.  She and her husband recently started their own organic farm. They have two young children and a few fertile acres here in the shadow of Mt. Rainier. “I’m a typical, multi-tasking mom. Sometimes I wear myself out taking care of farm chores and everyone else.  But now that I'm 40, I realize that taking care of myself is one and the same as taking care of my kids.  I will sleep better at night knowing I am doing all I can to be here for my family,” said Amy.

Before the Affordable Care Act, lack of health coverage was a big obstacle holding Amy back from starting a farm. Why risk it, if all your hard work could be wiped out from medical debt?  So yesterday was a banner day: for the first time in her adult life, Amy had a routine, preventive care visit with her very own primary care doctor.  Her needs were met, no hassles, no extra charges. Now she has the peace of mind to climb onto her tractor and grow healthy food for our community.

I can‘t think of a better way for a busy mother to kick off Women's History Month.


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