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"Hey, I just met you, so call me maybe…” is on our running playlists, and calling is on our minds because the election THIS COMING TUESDAY!

There's no "maybe" about it: We're definitely calling--and we'd love it if you did too!

THE LOWDOWN: MomsRising staff, volunteers, friends, family, neighbors, and others are each taking a few moments between now and Election Day to call busy moms across the nation to remind them that the election is this Tuesday so they can make a plan to vote!

Want to make a few calls?  It's easy. All you'll be doing when you call is reminding busy moms that Tuesday is Election Day so they can plan their day in advance in order to make time to cast their ballots:

Why are we making these calls? MomsRising knows how busy moms are right now. That's why we're organizing people like you to make mom-to-mom calls to remind people to make a plan so they have time to vote this Tuesday.  You can make your calls from the comfort of your home, park bench, office break room, or other fun spot.  You choose the time and location that works best for you to make your calls; we'll provide the technology, sample scripts, and calling list. We made it convenient and easy because we know that you are busy too!

Now through Tuesday is the perfect time to call to give people a heads up about the election.

*Sign up here to lend some busy moms a hand by giving them a heads up about Election Day:

**Once you’ve signed up to phone bank with us, we’ll send you all the information you need to get started, including step-by-step instructions and a sample script. No need to memorize a long script or try to convince anyone to vote a certain way – all we’re doing is reminding registered voters that Tuesday is Election Day so they can make a plan to vote. That’s it!  All you need is your phone and computer or tablet with Internet access.

You've got the power!  Even if you make just a few calls, then you could make a BIG impact.  Studies have shown that one of the most effective ways to make sure infrequent voters get out and vote this year is to contact them and remind them to go vote.  [2] There are hundreds of thousands of women registered to vote, many of whom may not get to the polls on November 6th without an extra nudge or a plan to fit it into their schedules.  Our efforts together could make the difference in the election by simply reminding (and inspiring!) other moms to vote!

Phone banking with MomsRising is super easy, fun, and so effective! With our virtual phone bank you can make calls at a time when it’s easiest for you: After dinner, while the kids are playing, during a lunch break, nap time…you get the idea. And our system is designed for busy moms - you don't waste time dialing for numbers. Instead, you only talk to people once they've answered the phone!

We know your time is tight, but if we each volunteer to make even just a few minutes worth of calls, then together we can easily reach thousands and thousands of moms to remind them to vote on, or before, Tuesday, November 6th!

We need you! Join our virtual phone bank and help turn out the MomVote!  It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s important and it can make a big difference!

Together moms are powerful!

P.S. You can make a difference in this election: "Pledge to Vote!"

P.P.S. Show your MomsRising pride and click here to get your *free* bumpersticker for your car, computer, or….ahem...binders!

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