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"I always cry when my mom is late for pick up. She might not pick me up one day, did you know?"  -- Gabi, age 7 (Carolina Rubio MacWright, Immigration Attorney/Activist.).

More than half of California children have at least one immigrant parent, so President Trump’s threat to deport millions of immigrants has particularly impacted California’s kids. It would also hurt California’s economy. As Californians, we must stand up now for immigrant children and families.   

Will you join me by signing on to our letter to urge our California legislature and Governor to pass the California Values Act ASAP? 

The California Values Act will protect California’s immigrant families and our economy in the following ways:

  • Ensuring California schools, hospitals and courthouses remain safe and accessible to all California residents regardless of immigration status.
  • Banning state and local resources from being used to facilitate the creation of a national registry based on religion.
  • Preventing state agencies from collecting or sharing immigration information from individuals unless necessary to perform agency duties.

**Will you join me by signing on to our letter to protect our economy and immigrant families in California, and urge our legislature and Governor to pass the California Values Act ASAP? 

Immigrants in California contribute to the economy in huge ways; 36% of businesses in California were started or are owned by immigrants, including many of California’s Fortune 500 companies. In fact, immigrant-owned businesses bring in $34 billion in income each year! Immigrant families are also more likely to be in the labor force than their US born counterparts --California’s economy would not survive without the impact of our immigrant families! All Californians need to stand up now to protect immigrant children and families in our communities!  

The time is now! Please sign on to our letter urging California legislators and our Governor to pass the California Values Act and ask your friends and family to join you! 

Thank you for raising your voice and standing up for immigrant children and families in our communities. 

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