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You've got to be kidding us!  The attacks on full access to birth control for everyone continue in Congress--and, in fact, the attacks are escalating beyond birth control to all women's health care, and to all health care really.

It's ridiculous.

What's going on, anyway?  U.S. Senator Roy Blunt introduced an amendment to a transportation bill (S. 1813) that gives virtually limitless and unprecedented license to ANY employer or insurance plan, religious or not, to exclude ANY health service, no matter how essential, in the health services they cover based on “religious beliefs or moral convictions.” [1]

We'll be blunt: This extreme legislation, which could be voted on this week, threatens men and women’s health coverage across the board, and also is a direct attack on protections for women's health coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

* Tell Congress to be blunt and say "no" to this horrible amendment meant to limit birth control and all health care:

This type of meddling in medical decisions should be made by doctors and their patients, not by employers, and certainly not by members of Congress.

That's right.  This week, Congress could vote to give your employer – even those that are not religious institutions -- the power to decide what medical treatment you receive.

In a horrible turn of events, some opportunistic members of Congress see the recent debate about birth control as an opening to take extreme action to dramatically restrict access to health care for both men and women by giving employers the option not to pay for ANY treatment under the guise of a “moral”  objection.

If you think this sounds abstract – think again.  Because the amendment does not define “religious beliefs or moral convictions,” this legislation could mean:

  • An employer who thinks a medical treatment is too expensive and would rather not pay for it could use the excuse that they “morally” object to it and have coverage for the treatment removed from the health insurance plan they offer.
  • An employer could refuse to cover mental health care on the grounds that he or she believes that psychiatric problems should only be treated with prayer.
  • An employer could offer a plan that does not cover maternity care for unmarried women in its plan, claiming that such coverage violates its belief that sex and procreation are permissible only within the marital relationship. [2]

* Don't forget to take a moment now to contact your members of Congress now urging them to oppose this extreme legislation that gives could dangerously restrict health coverage access:

Not only is the Blunt Amendment extreme and unwise, it is also totally out of step with American’s real concerns and health care needs.  Right now, approximately 17 percent of Americans have no health coverage.  Those who are lucky to be insured, struggle with affording the coverage they have. According to a recent poll, roughly half (52 percent) of those polled reported skipping or delaying medical care in the past year; 21 percent say they have skipped a recommended medical test or treatment, and an equal share did not fill a prescription for a medicine. [3]

Everyone gets sick.  It's ridiculous to have our birth control and healthcare under attack.

Now's the time to speak up!  Please forward this email to at least two or three of your friends now and urge them to take action--and also post the action link on Facebook.

Together, we are a powerful voice for children and families,


[1] Full Text of the Blunt Amendment:

[2] "The Blunt Amendment Takes Away Access to Critical Health Insurance Coverage for Millions of Americans," National Women's Law Center:

[3] "More Americans Uninsured in 2011,"

P.S.  Big thanks to our colleagues at the National Women's Law Center for their leadership on this issue!

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