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The Latina blogger made a good point about the lack of day care - here at the bloggers’ conference.

A retired teacher made a good point about why a district would ever think it was a great idea to put the most inexperienced beginners teaching in the most challenged school communities. She wants to talk about Teach for America.

A dad attending the Parents Caucus of bloggers said that he had a different experience than Mommies being an involved working father. At his work, when he needed time off to attend his daughter’s school function or care for a sick child, he was seen as the office hero, not the “mommy track” employee who didn’t take her work seriously.

We’re talking and typing and texting and posting here at Netroots Nation where thousands, literally thousands, of community activists have gathered live and in person to change the world.

It’s the lunch break. I’ve talked with dozens of people this morning. There is a pulse of caring and compassion and ideas and questions and answers. I’m overwhelmed with the good hearts all around me. And there seems, to me, to be a common source of energy: Our children.

The bloggers for the environment are talking about children. The bloggers for peace are talking about children. The bloggers for democracy are talking about children.

It doesn’t surprise me at all. There is a universal measure. When faced with a problem, do what’s right for children. If you do what’s right for children, it’s the right solution.

There is another universal. Ordinary people who care are capable of doing extraordinary things. They are the people who change the world.

Lunch is over. Time to go back and learn and teach and meet and plan how to save the world for our children.

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