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Last week we put the word out to the blogs that help was needed in Pennsylvania. Immediately, without pause, blog after blog picked up our story, and the need for change here, and in 27 other states, and RAN.

Because of you bloggers, conversations, and action, are buzzing through the internet. The one common refrain, other than being completely ticked off by the whole concept of maternal profiling, is that people had absolutely NO IDEA, like me (and most of the people I talk to) that it is perfectly legal to discriminate against mothers in job interviews.

Following are a few of the bloggers who posted awesomely motivational words about our Pennsylvania campaign, and in the process created lively discussion on their sites. (AND sent TONS of people to to sign our online petition. Thank you, keep 'em coming.) Please check these sites out (I'll post more links later this week):

Elisa @ Mother Talkers, cross-posted at Daily Kos(!)
Amalah's Daily Dose on Club Mom
Blogging Baby
Elisa Camahort @ BlogHer
Playground Revolution
Muckraking Mom
Jenny @ Three Kid Circus and MommyBloggers
Izzy Mom
Paper Napkin
Her Bad Mother

Some of the fantastic remarks you will find in these blogs include:

FROM AMALAH'S DAILY DOSE: Thanks for the information. I live in PA, and was actually on a job interview today (not kidding, I really was!). I never thought anything of it when they asked me if I had kids. (It was kinda casual, but still). As a person directly affected, I will definitely check those links out and add input where I can. Thanks!

FROM BLOGGING BABY: Wow, that is not legal here in Michigan, but I have had employers be pretty sneaky about it. Like, casually asking me what I do with my kids while at work. (In other words, will I need to take time off if my kids are sick or I can't take them to daycare?) NO ONE has ever asked my husband what he does for childcare. Why would they? He has me and of course, it's MY job. I am so glad I know about this organization, Mom's Rising! I totally want to get involved!

Pretty cool.

I leave you with this email from Becki, a blogger. I hope you don't mind me sharing this, Becki, but I just love it so much! You sum it all up in the most wonderful way:

Post-Gazette article read? Check. visited? Check.
Senator Gordner e-mailed? Check.
Representative O'Brien e-mailed? Check
Cool MomsRising baseball shirt ordered? Check.
I am now officially dressed and ready for the Revolution.


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