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President Obama just took Executive Action to shrink the loophole in background checks for gun sales today! And you helped this happen! You (yes, YOU!) signed letters to Congress, clicked on petitions, shared your experiences, visited elected leaders, shared links on social media, made calls and contributions, and so much more. Your actions added up to have a big impact.

*You did it! Now, let’s back up President Obama! Please sign on to our open letter to President Obama to show our strong support for his Executive Actions today that increase gun safety. After you sign on, we’ll also share this letter with Congress so they know that moms and dads, sons and daughters, and people across the nation support gun safety measures:

Your signature is important, not only to show your strong support for gun safety measures, but also because the President's Executive Actions on gun safety are already under attack, so we need to demonstrate to all leaders that there is strong public support for common sense gun safety policies and back up the President’s actions today.

What's happening? Well, you know that GIANT loophole that allows millions of guns to be sold without background checks every year? The one that over 90% of people in our nation have said they would like to see closed? Well, President Obama could not fully close that loophole on his own without legislative help from Congress, but he found he could take executive action to make the loophole smaller. So today the President did just that!

You heard that right: President Obama has just announced executive orders that require high-volume gun sellers – those “engaged in the business of dealing in firearms” – to get licenses and run background checks on their sales and more.

This is big news! Back up President Obama for taking these important steps to improving gun safety!

Guns take close to 90 lives every day in the United States, devastating families and communities everywhere. One reason for this high volume of tragedies is that too many guns find their way into the wrong hands, since as much as 40% of gun sales currently happen at gun shows and over the Internet without background checks.

The White House executive orders clarify the difference between people who are “engaged in the business of dealing in firearms sales” regardless of where they sell (whether it be from stores, at gun shows, over the Internet or elsewhere) and people who occasionally want to transfer a firearm to friends or family. While it won’t completely close the gun sales loophole, it will make it much smaller and that’s a very, very good thing.

Send President Obama a message that we applaud and support his executive action on background checks today:

These executive actions are major steps forward! In fact, the above executive action requiring those engaged in the business of gun sales to get licensed and run background checks is JUST ONE of the ways that the new White House actions will improve gun safety. Other improvements include the following, among other things:

  • Further keep guns out of the wrong hands by strengthening the National Instant Background Check (NICS) system;  
  • Increase mental health treatment and reporting to the background check system with a new $500 million investment to increase mental healthcare access, and beginning to remove unnecessary legal barriers that prevent states from reporting specific mental health records; and,
  • Shape the future of gun safety technology by tasking the Departments of Defense and Homeland security to conduct or sponsor research into gun safety technology, and to conduct regular reviews of the availability of smart gun technology and its usages.

Wow! Finally, we are getting some real solutions that will help reduce gun violence. Join us in backing up the White House now for these executive actions! After you sign on, we’ll also share this letter with Congress so they know that moms and dads, sons and daughters, and people across the nation support gun safety measures.

President Obama is increasing community safety because of you, and hundreds of thousands of moms, dads and other family members across the country like you, who signed petitions, met with leaders, sent letters, posted on Facebook and Tweeted, were part of demonstrations, and more, urging our leaders to take action on our gun violence epidemic. Together, we have been loud and grow louder by the day, and President Obama heard us. In fact, in a nod to your efforts on this policy area, MomsRising was invited to be in the room at the White House when the President made this important gun safety announcement today.


Now we want the White House to hear our resounding support for these Executive Actions on gun safety to encourage the President and other national leaders to keep doing more to improve gun safety and community safety. So please paste this action on Facebook and Twitter, and also forward this email to a couple of your friends. The more voices that are raised, the bigger the impact we’ll have together.

*Here’s the link to back up President Obama again so you have it handy:

Thanks for all that you do to help create a stronger and safer country for our families!

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