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The numbers are shocking.

Did you know the average 8-year old is drinking 64 ounces a week in sugary drinks like sodas that may—over the years—lead to type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease? Did you also know that sugary drinks are the single largest contributor of calories and added sugars to the American kid’s diet? Due to these dangerous nutrition imbalances, this may be the first generation in history to live shorter lives than their parents. We must make some big changes. 

We need to do everything we can to reduce the amount of soda kids drink.

Join us in calling on Baltimore’s Mayor and City Council to require all advertisements for sugary drinks contain a warning stating the health risks associated with consuming the beverage.

The fact is this: The overconsumption of sugary drinks, like sodas, uniquely leads to serious life-threatening diseases.

Families have the right to know the health risks of sugary drinks. We have the right to make an educated decision for ourselves and our families. We’re promoting healthier choices as the better option. Thousands of Baltimore families are suffering from largely preventable medical conditions linked to sugary drinks, which include soda, sports drinks, sweetened waters and teas, energy drinks, and fruit drinks.

Both in economic and healthcare costs, consumption of sugary drinks costs us dearly. Sugary drinks contribute more calories and added sugars to our diets than any other food or beverage, and daily consumption is strongly linked to higher childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes rates. We should arm our community with the information they need to choose healthier options.

Your voice matters! Sign our open letter calling on the mayor and city council to require all advertisements for sugary drinks in Baltimore contain a warning:

Our elected officials depend on hearing from their constituents to know what matters most to families in Baltimore. Your voice can make a big difference. By speaking out, you’ll show Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and the Baltimore City Council that their constituents expect them to show leadership in educating city residents about dangerous products.

These drinks pose major health risks when consumed over time and we need to give people the information they need to choose healthier options.

Sign on now to tell lawmakers: “Require a warning label on sugary beverage advertisements in the city of Baltimore!”

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