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Back-to-school season is full of changes: heading to school, choosing new classes, meeting new friends. With all of the excitement, student health insurance can slip through the cracks. But health coverage is critical to make sure students stay healthy and financially secure.  Young adults need health care just like everyone else. Preventive care is vital for the long-term health of students. Moreover, sixteen percent of young people have a chronic condition, like diabetes or asthma, that can require expensive doctors' visits.  And then there's the unexpected - a broken bone or random accident could break the bank if you don't get covered. In fact, young adults go to the emergency room more than any age group under 75 and can easily rack up thousands of dollars in a visit.

That's why the Young Invincibles is bringing you a free online Back-To-School Toolkit breaking down student options for health coverage in every state. The toolkit gives up-to-date information on the costs and benefits of student health plans, walks through how to stay on your parent's plan, explains what to do if you have a pre-existing condition, and provides relevant updates on the new health care law (like the new rules on birth control).  It also has tips for young women, important information on young adults and cancer, and much more.

Click here to download the Back-To-School Toolkit. With your help, we can make sure that everyone has the information they need to stay healthy this school year.


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