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For the second time in as many years, peanut butter contaminated with deadly salmonella has been recalled. Even my pre-kindergartener could tell something was wrong—after her favorite peanut butter sandwiches were temporarily pulled from her lunch box.

This latest outbreak, tracked back to the now-bankrupt Peanut Corporation of America, has caused nearly 655 illnesses, and contributed to nine deaths (read more here from the Chicago Tribune "Inside Nasty Nut Processor").

Send a letter to the FDA urging them to take action to keep our kids safe when eating sandwiches.

Send a letter to the FDA

Parents have already suffered through two massive recalls of tainted peanut products in the past two years. That's two recalls too many. We shouldn't have to worry whether what's in our fridge is a healthy snack or dangerous to our children.

All peanut companies- and all food processors in this country – should be using top-notch safety practices to protect our families from food borne health risks.

This isn't the first time peanut manufacturers have been in trouble. Back in 2007, another salmonella outbreak forced the recall of Peter Pan peanut butter by manufacturer ConAgra. Only after the recall did ConAgra invest $50 million into improving safety standards at their manufacturing plant.

But the events of this last month prove we can't trust each individual manufacturer to fix this problem on their own. We need real reform.

Please send a letter today!

And until we have real reform, this FDA website will keep you up to date on which peanut butter and other products are affected by the recall.

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