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“Moms were a powerful force in this election. Moms across the country mobilized their families, their friends, and their communities to vote, overcoming many obstacles to voting during a pandemic and resulting in historic voter turnout this year. The huge voter turnout makes our country stronger.  This is how democracy is supposed to work.

“We expect that this was a historic turnout among women voters, especially Black and Brown women whose leadership in our movement, communities, and  across the nation is pulling our country forward. MomsRising thanks our members, 72,982 of whom volunteered to help get out the vote, for helping to turn out so many voters that four days after the polls closed, election officials to are still counting the ballots. We reached more than 8.7 million unique voters in this election. Together, across organizations, essential workers, and volunteers, this added up in 2020 to historic voter turnout, increased engagement, and a stronger, more viable democracy.”

-Statement of Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, Executive Director and CEO, MomsRising

“We are so proud that our members were a huge part of this mobilization. More than 72,982 MomsRising members stepped forward to volunteer. MomsRising members sent: 23,558,727 texts and phone calls to low-frequency voting moms; 4,457,028 postcards to moms (millions hand-written) to encourage them to vote; and reached more than 88,244,357 million people in English and Spanish through our social media. The MomsRising multi-million-dollar GOTV program helped drive the record turnout as voters across the country refused to be intimidated or have their votes suppressed.

“We won’t stop here.  Now is the time to come together across race and place to ensure that the leaders who have been  chosen deal with the pandemic and move us forward together to a better future.”

-Statement of Donna Norton, Executive Vice President, MomsRising

“We thank our members who stepped forward, volunteered, and worked hard to get voters the information they need to vote during a pandemic.  We also thank essential workers, the majority of whom are women and moms, who we’ve depended on all year and who once again showed up, this time as volunteer poll workers and ballot counters. You can be sure that Moms will stay engaged to ensure our country once again advances justice, fairness and equal opportunity for all.”

-Statement of Xochitl Oseguera, Vice President, MamásConPoder and MomsRising

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