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"Our data show families in financial trouble are working hard, playing by the rules -- and the game is stacked against them."-Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Tyagi, The Two Income Trap.

How is the "game" stacked against families in this country? One of the major ways is the lack of affordable, high-quality child care.

68% of moms with kids under the age of six are in the labor force.    Full-time child care for an infant or toddler costs more than college in many states [3], and finding affordable, high-quality child care is often an almost impossible task.

Help could be on the way!  This month President Obama announced his early learning initiative, a bold three part plan that could change child care in our country by increasing the availability of affordable high-quality childcare. No big, bold plan can happen without some loud public support.

That's why we're joining forces with powerful organizations like the National Women's Law Center to deliver 10,000 signatures in support of the early learning and childcare initiative to the White House.

Help us reach our goal of 10,000 signatures! Take two minutes to show your support for the early learning initiative by signing on to our open letter, which also thanks the President for taking the lead:

What is proposed in the early learning initiative?

The President's plan does three incredibly important things:

  1. Expands voluntary home visiting programs that support and educate parents,
  2. Increases availability of high-quality child care for infants and toddlers
  3. Gives all children in low- and moderate-income families access to high-quality pre-kindergarten programs.[4]

How will your signature on our open letter show public support for affordable, high-quality early learning and childcare?

We have a plan to turn the two seconds it takes you to click that red button and sign on to our open letter into a huge showing of public support for early learning and childcare.  Here's how:

1) We'll add your signature to 10,000 other signatures, letters, and drawings (from kids) all sent in to support the President's early learning initiative.

2) We'll personally deliver your signature, along with thousands of other signatures, to the White House in a made-for-media moment, with kids, parents, and possibly even a wagon (to carry all the signatures). (We'll also probably take the toddlers to a White House potty).

3) We'll take lots of pictures!

4) We'll promote these photos and our shared story to the media and to members of Congress.

But we can't do it without you.  Our plan to show public support can only happen with your signature!  Please sign on to our open letter today.

*Invite your friends to sign on to this open letter too by forwarding this email, or sharing the above link on Facebook or Twitter.

Together we are a powerful voice for mothers and children.

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