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Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner inks publishing deal with Hachette Books on a must-read manual for women activists, with all proceeds going to MomsRising.

Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, CEO/executive director of MomsRising, has signed a major new book deal with Hachette Books, a division of Hachette Book Group, to write a call-to-action to help women stand up to the forces that are trying to pull the nation backward.  The book will not only provide a picture of the critical issues facing women today through the lens of personal stories, including Rowe-Finkbeiner’s own, but it will also be an action-oriented guide to give women the tools, incentives and information they need to create political change in their communities – and in the country as a whole.  


Rowe-Finkbeiner, who was a featured speaker at the historic, women of color-led Women’s March in Washington, DC in January, is donating 100 percent of proceeds from the new book to MomsRising, a national online and on-the-ground organization of more than one million mothers and their families. MomsRising educates the public and mobilizes grassroots actions to increase family economic security, decrease discrimination, and to build a nation where both businesses and families can thrive.


The book will share insights, stories and tips from the MomsRising team and members and be used as an organizing tool for members online and on-the-ground across the nation.  #KeepMarching will be published in March of 2018 in conjunction with International Women’s Day.


Krishan Trotman, a senior editor at Hachette Books acquired #KeepMarching at auction last week. “Kristin’s passion and advocacy throughout the years have made her and MomsRising a stellar example of grassroots organizing. We look forward to a remarkable publication and partnership,” Trotman said.


“More than a book,” Rowe-Finkbeiner explained, “#KeepMarching will be a roadmap to advance equality. Democracy isn’t about one election, one Oval Office, one march or one day. It is about taking action every day to make sure our democracy reflects our nation. This new book will offer solutions that lift the economy, women and families, with a focus on the key issues facing women and our nation right now.  The systemic issues around fair pay, health care, criminal justice reform, gun safety, childcare, paid family and medical leave -- as well as the compounding impact of these policies (and/or the lack thereof) on women of color, mothers, low income and LGBTQ+ communities -- will be covered in detail and brought to life through the sharing of real life stories, including my own.”


“#KeepMarching will be designed to amplify the momentum generated by the Women’s March and offer tools to keep building a movement,” Rowe-Finkbeiner added. “When it launches next year, MomsRising will engage #KeepMarching circles across the nation, offer tips through multiple platforms — including Twitter, Facebook and blogs -- on how people can make meaningful change, and open forums at which people can share their stories.”


Rowe-Finkbeiner is also a frequent public speaker, radio host of the nationally syndicated program, Breaking Through; and an award-winning author of books, including The F-Word: Feminism in Jeopardy, as well as the The Motherhood Manifesto, which she co-authored with Joan Blades and which helped to launch MomsRising, which they co-founded in 2006.


Since its launch more than 10 years ago, MomsRising has grown to more than over one million members. Rowe-Finkbeiner has been published in many outlets, including: Politico, USA Today, CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, US News & World Report, andHuffington Post.  

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