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If any of our children behaved in the way that Donald Trump’s been behaving with his bullying use of Twitter (like his recent Tweet at 16-year-old Greta Thunberg), and, importantly, his proven abuse of power for his own personal gain; then they’d get a time out. Fortunately, there are laws in place to help check the misuse of power, and to give a President running amok a timeout too: The impeachment process—and many members of Congress are stepping up to protect our democracy using this process.

Yesterday, the House Judiciary Committee did its duty by passing two articles of impeachment. We are appalled by President Trump’s abuse of power, the lies he and members of his administration told to cover it up, and the many ways he violated the law by obstructing the congressional investigation into these crimes.

President Trump used taxpayer money and the promise of a meeting to try to obtain dirt from a foreign nation on a Democratic challenger in the 2020 elections.

This is a dangerous and illegal abuse of power, but Congress will only act if millions of us demand it. Every Democratic and every Republican lawmaker should put country ahead of political party. Here are 5 things you can do =>


1. Quick signature: Tell Congress to Impeach and Remove President Trump!

BACKGROUND: America’s elections belong to America’s voters and no foreign government should play any role in determining the outcome—let alone be coerced by the President to do so! President Trump must be held accountable for the blatant and horrifying abuses of power which have come to light during the impeachment inquiry, as well as the obstruction of Congress’ investigation into these abuses. Sign now! We must hold the President, and all leaders, accountable to the people.

2. Call your Representative and tell them to vote to impeach President Trump!

WHAT TO SAY? “I want our children to grow up in a nation where our leaders are accountable to the people and abide by the Constitution. What I’ve learned about the actions of President Trump during the impeachment inquiry has made me feel afraid for the future of our democracy. I am asking for my representative to uphold their oath and vote to impeach President Trump.” Call now!

3. Share this powerful video to demonstrate how protecting the U.S. Constitution is vital to our children’s future.

BACKGROUND: Our Constitution recognizes the need to have co-equal branches of government, and mechanisms of oversight and impeachment to protect our democracy. Our children’s future is at stake, after all. The facts are clear: We must impeach and remove this president - and we will come through this as a stronger nation as a result. Just click, watch, and share!


4. Find an impeachment event happening near you!

BACKGROUND: On Tuesday, December 17th, we’re teaming up with a coalition of over 100 organizations, putting on 400+ events in all 50 states. We'll head to every congressional office and public square to urge our representatives to impeach President Trump. (There are already over 100,000 RSVPs - so this is a great opportunity to truly be part of a historic mobilization!) Find an event near you, RSVP, and then invite your friends, family, and neighbors.

5. Need talking points on impeachment for the holiday season?

BACKGROUND: With the holiday season upon us, many of us are anticipating tension at family gatherings with regard to impeachment. Though having tough conversations isn’t as easy as pumpkin pie, it’s important to come together, share how we feel, and to listen because we as a nation we will need to come to a place of healing after what is likely to be a long and contentious impeachment process. Read and share this blogpost to learn how to talk about impeachment with your friends and family.


Liberty and justice for ALL is in our pledge of allegiance for a reason—it is a promise that we make to each other and to our nation. Ensuring these values are upheld is crucial for protecting our democracy for future generations. In this critical moment, we need everyone to speak out.

Thanks for all you do. Together we can protect our democracy!

- Felicia, Donna, Kristin, Sue Anne, Karen and the rest of the MomsRising / MamásConPoder Team

P.S. Make a contribution today that will mobilize moms to engage in our democracy and vote, stand strong against hate, and continue making the world a better, safer, more just place for ALL moms and families. Contribute BY DEC. 31 and a sister MomsRising donor will DOUBLE your gift!

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