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June is LGBTQ Pride Month, and all of us at MomsRising are excited to celebrate—and we also recognize how much work we still have to do to reach full LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, etc) equality in our country. This Pride Month, let’s remember that policies that impact people in LGBTQ+ communities impact us all. Scroll down to request your free MomsRising Pride Month signs! 

Other top actions this week include speaking out about bump stocks, family separation and childcare. We're also looking for inspired members to host KeepMarching book parties! You in? Sign up below!

Please remember to share this list with friends and family, and thank you for all you do!  

1. ACT NOW: Ask Trump, Nielsen and Sessions to Keep Families Together! 

BACKGROUND: Lives are on the line. Children’s lives. Our nation's treatment of immigrant children, women, and families is devastatingly wrong. We cannot let the practice that Trump has put into place of purposefully separating children from their moms and families at the border to continue. We cannot allow human rights violations in the name of immigration enforcement to go on. *Sign on to urge President Trump, U.S. Attorney General Sessions, and D.H.S. Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to stop the cruel and inhumane practice of intentionally separating children from their parents!


2. Get Together with Other Cool, Secret, Superhero Moms and Friends!

BACKGROUND: Are you interested in getting together with other MomsRising members and friends at a time & location of your choice? We're going to launch with book discussions, using the exciting and well-reviewed new book that covers all the top topics and tactics of the women’s movement today, Keep Marching. We'll provide a discussion guide and support, and you pick the time & venue, and have a great time! It's that easy. Sign up today! 


3. Tell the ATF: Ban Bump Stocks Now!

BACKGROUND: There is no reason that any American civilian should own bump stocks. These deadly devices turn semiautomatic firearms into machine guns by enabling weapons to produce automatic fire with a single pull of a trigger. Machine guns do not belong on our streets. The ATF has proposed a new rule that would ban bump stock-type devices by reclassifying them as “machine guns”. The new rule language is currently open for public comment, and we need your voice to help push it through! Submit a comment to ATF now - say you support their proposed bump stock ban – these dangerous devices have no place in our communities.


4. Tell Us Your #Movement4Childcare Experience!!

BACKGROUND: To build momentum nationally for childcare at the Grassroots Assembly for Childcare and Early Education *next week*, we need families (like yours!) to share their experiences in order to show our leaders that high-quality, affordable childcare is a priority for their constituents. The good, the bad, the complicated - we want to hear it! Personal experiences are powerful and can make a HUGE difference in helping elected leaders understand why supporting access to high-quality, affordable childcare is so important. Are you struggling or did you struggle to afford high-quality childcare? Are you a care provider who isn't earning a livable wage? Did you/did you have trouble finding a childcare program that works for your family? Please share your experience!


5. Download Pride Month MomsRising Signs!

BACKGROUND: LGBTQ people are parents, people of color, immigrants, and workers. While fighting for LGBTQ+ equality sometimes means fighting for specific rights—like transgender folks having access to changing their gender markers on their birth certificate - it also means fighting for equal pay, health care, a higher minimum wage, ending the school-to-prison pipeline, gun safety, maternal justice, and so much more. Please join us in calling attention to all of the issues we still fight for every day with our special MomsRising Pride signs. Fill out the form, and we'll email you a link to download your favorite signs to honor LGBTQ Pride Month!

6. BONUS: Stand Up for Families This Father's Day!

Father's Day is this Sunday. Join us to speak out about families being separated at the border by calling 1-855-440-1800 and telling your US Senator to end family separation! And check out five impactful ways to take action around family separation on the MomsRising blog.

Thank you for all you do, and #KeepMarching! 


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