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Happy Friday! We're back with our top #5Actions of the week, making it easy for you to quickly catch up on our most urgent campaigns. Today is the #NationalSchoolWalkOut, and students across the country are speaking out about the need for gun safety. Please join us in sending them a note of encouragement. It's also an all-hands-on-deck moment for SNAP, and we need to speak out about the awful cuts that the U.S. House proposed in the Farm Bill. Please take a moment to take action on these issues - and more - via the top #5Actions list below! Then ... relax and enjoy your weekend, knowing you've done good work and raised your voice about issues that matter. Thank you!

1. Make Your Mark -> Say "I'm With The Students!" this #NationalSchoolWalkOut Day

BACKGROUND: Today is the #NationalDayofAction! Students across the country are making their voices heard for common-sense gun reform, and organizing to get out the vote! Show your support and say, "I'm with the students!"  

2. Tell Congress: Protect SNAP in the Farm Bill!  

BACKGROUND: Republicans in the U.S. Congress have introduced a Farm Bill that would increase hunger and hardship by taking away—or cutting—food assistance from many struggling families, including children. Their proposal includes sweeping changes to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or food stamps). The unworkable, harmful, unnecessary, and woefully-underfunded proposal takes SNAP benefits away from people 18-59 years old who aren’t currently employed or participating in training for 20 hours a week. Rather than helping anyone keep a job or find a job, this proposal is designed to create massive red tape that will make it harder for millions of people to put food on the table, including parents raising kids, low-wage workers, and people temporarily between jobs. This red tape is designed to produce massive cuts in SNAP funding in order to pay for the giant tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations that were passed in December. Millions of struggling families could be harmed if this goes through! There is still time to stop this harmful proposal! The U.S. House Agriculture Committee is debating this bill later this week and will be voting on it soon. **SIGN our letter now telling Congress “Hands off SNAP!”!

3. Share Your Story and Help us Dismantle the School to Prison Pipeline!

BACKGROUND: Tell us about you or your loved ones experience with schools, school discipline, racial bias in schools, teacher bias, teacher burnout, high stakes testing, and social emotional learning. What's working? What is not, and how have you and your loved ones been impacted? Each year thousands of students are suspended or expelled, including hundreds of preschoolers each day. Across the U.S. children are funneled out of public schools and into the juvenile and criminal justice systems. This disturbing trend, known as the school to prison pipeline, is perpetuated through policies and practices at the school, district, state, and federal levels. There are also horrific disparities. Black, brown, disabled, LGBTQ, and indigenous students consistently experience push out at higher rates. More than one out of four boys of color with disabilities and nearly one in five girls of color with disabilities receives an out of school suspension. The vast majority of these suspensions are NOT for violent behavior. These statistics are unacceptable. We can and must do better to ensure that ALL kids can thrive. This is why we need YOUR story.

4. There's Still Time to Protect Net Neutrality! 

BACKGROUND: The fight for Net Neutrality isn't over yet! Congress has the ability to reverse the FCC's awful decision through a "Resolution of Disapproval". And we *almost* have enough support to get it passed! In fact, we need just one more vote before the April 23 deadline. That's why it's so important we speak out now. Net Neutrality ensures a level playing field. It stops ISPs from blocking or suppressing content. It limits them from manipulating the speed at which you receive certain content, or selling premium access to the highest bidder. Net Neutrality ensures that when we raise our voices online, they can be heard - loud and clear. Call on Congress to act! 

5. Listen + Take Action: #MomsVote Telephone Town Hall Recording

The #MomsVote telephone town hall launch on Thursday, April 5 was a huge success! Senator Elizabeth Warren reminded us how important the upcoming elections are and inspired us to do our part. Parkland student leader Delaney Tarr reiterated the students' call to vote, which was a major theme of #March4OurLives. National Education Association President Lily Eskelsen Garcia talked about engaging young people, with tips on how to register high school students. Three Point Strategies Founder Jessica Byrd talked about the importance of engaging all voters in order to elect a leadership that reflects us all. 

  • If you missed our #MomsVote telephone town hall launch on Thursday, April 5, want to share it with a friend, or want to be inspired all over again by our amazing speakers and participants, then check out the recording here!
  • Now, it's time to take action! Our challenge: Register to vote (if you're not registered already), and get five other people to vote on Election Day (starting with making sure they're registered to vote too!) If we work together to lift up all voices and engage all people in democracy, we will see leadership that truly represents the people.

INSPIRATION OF THE WEEK: A Victory for Working Parents!  
From MomsRising CEO Kristin: “U.S. Senator Duckworth already made history once this month by becoming the first sitting U.S. Senator to give birth; and she has now done it again by successfully pushing for a change in the U.S. Senate rules that will allow children under the age of one to be brought onto the floor during votes. This is a victory not just for moms in the Senate, but for all working parents in our country. MomsRising members across the country, including the tens of thousands who took action to urge these changes, are celebrating..."

Thank you for all you do and #KeepMarching! 

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