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It's Friday! And hopefully a beautiful day wherever you are. Summer is hopefully a time when you can relax and tune out a bit. And that's why our weekly #5Actions round up of top actions from the past week is so useful. Please scroll down and make sure you've checked all of these urgent calls-to-action off your list. Then go out and enjoy your weekend!

Thank you for all you do! Here's the list --> 

1. QUICK SIGNATURE: Censure Donald Trump 

BACKGROUND: It's time. This is our moment to say: Not on our watch. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and people across the political spectrum must stand together and condemn Donald Trump for his disloyalty to our own government and disregard of Russia’s threats to our nation’s electoral integrity. This is our country, our democracy, and our watch, and we won’t stand silently by as a sitting U.S. President questions our own nation's intelligence agencies’ determination that Russia has meddled in our elections, cuts ties to our closest and longest allies, and also embraces a country and leader (Putin) whose intelligence service operatives have just been indicted for interfering in our national elections to unfairly help Trump win, who annexed territory in Ukraine leading to the deaths of thousands of people, and who has actively undermined Russia's free press and civic organizations. Tell Congress to censure President Trump and condemn his disloyalty to our government and disregard of Russia's threat to our electoral integrity!


2. Send a QUICK Letter to STOP Family Incarceration

BACKGROUND: Writing a letter to your local paper is a powerful way to make your voice heard! Newspapers are still a main source of news and influence for decision makers. Join us to write a letter to your local paper to say NO to family incarceration. We'll make it super easy with tips and sample language. It's so important that we do this NOW because even though a Federal judge ruled a halt to most, not all, family separations at the border, we expect the Trump administration to respond by accelerating efforts to incarcerate asylum seeking families. Trading family separation for family jails is not the solution. Imprisoning children with their families is still imprisoning children. Children deserve to be with their families outside of cages and they deserve to have their rights protected.
 Make your voice heard - write a letter to your local paper today!


3. Help Us Make Healthy Food for Little Learners a Home Run!

BACKGROUND: In the contest for our kids' health, we're winning. Thanks to you, in recent years: schools now offer healthier meals and snacks; many restaurants offer kids healthier drink options; and chain restaurants now display information about calories and nutrition. Win-win-win for parents and families! Next up: healthier foods for our littlest learners! This year updates to meals and snacks offered in child and adult care centers will go into effect. Most exciting: these updates will support breastfeeding, fruits and vegetables, and limit added sugars. Help us hit this one out of the park! We're mobilizing parents to champion the new updates, and support providers making them a big success. Our voices and encouragement go a *long* way in helping the new guidelines succeed. Add a message of support for healthy food for young kids, and we'll get it to providers this summer! And if you're a provider, let us know what resources you need to make the updates a big success. Together, we are a force for healthy kids. Thank you!


4. Tell the U.S. Senate: Support the FAMILY Act, Not Fake Solutions!

BACKGROUND: U.S. Senators Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, and Joni Ernst are working on a proposal to raid Social Security to give income to parents of a new child. This is like robbing Peter to pay Paul. It quite simply doesn’t work. While we appreciate that the need for paid leave has become a bipartisan issue since the last election, the truth is that the Rubio proposal is dangerously flawed for two big reasons: It asks new parents to jeopardize their future retirement security for parental leave today AND the proposal neglects the majority of people who take leave, whether that’s for family caregiving or personal medical needs. There is a solution — a good one! — to the crisis, working families face due to the lack of paid leave. The Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act (FAMILY Act) is a comprehensive paid leave plan that leaves no one behind and is modeled after successful and proven programs in California, New Jersey, and more. → Tell your U.S. Senator: We don’t need fake solutions, we need comprehensive paid family and medical leave. It’s time to support the Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act (FAMILY Act)!


5. Tell Congress to Support Pregnant Women and Healthy Births!

BACKGROUND: Important legislation is currently moving through the U.S. Congress which could help moms and decrease the number of deaths and severe complications from childbirth — the Maternal Health Accountability Act and the Preventing Maternal Deaths Act (S. 1112 and H.R. 1318). Deaths related to childbirth and pregnancy are rising in the United States, and are especially high among Black women. By reviewing the cause of death for each individual case of maternal mortality and providing recommendations for states to address maternal deaths, this legislation will help enable health systems to address the factors leading to the disproportionate deaths of Black mothers and put recommendations in place to begin addressing racial disparities that have been present and unchanged for decades. Sign on now to tell your members of Congress to support the Maternal Health Accountability Act in the U.S. Senate and the Preventing Maternal Deaths Act in the U.S. House (S. 1112 and H.R. 1318)!


Thank you for all you do, and #KeepMarching! 


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