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Only 5 more days!

New Hampshire is crazier than ever. I thought that we would get some clarity after the Iowa Caucuses, but if anything the path ahead is only murkier. With so few days and remaining I wish I could offer a great nugget of wisdom or some sharp insight into what Granite Staters will do next Tuesday, but sadly I cannot. What I can tell you is that we are talking about it – we are thinking about it and we are not really sure what we are going to do when push comes to shove.

I find myself thinking that if only we have had more time to figure this out, but then again – in all honesty – we are also so tired of the phone calls, the polls and the mail from the candidates the super PACs and the other massive volumes of negativity that we receive each day – that we are ready for this to be over.

But what have we learned in the process? Did all our face time show us the true gem among the masses or did familiarity just breed contempt? Of this I am not sure. I do not know if it is a sign of my age, but I do not remember a year where we were more confused and less inspired.

There are some pockets of true passion, both Clinton and Sanders have some ardent supporters, but on the Republican side I have yet to see a true leader emerge. I see more head scratching than flag waving at this point in time.

Rubio and Cruz have gotten some momentum coming out of Iowa, and are getting a second look here in NH. Kasich and Christie have staked their campaigns on NH, but I am not sure that strategy will work for either one.  The Trump message continues to roll forward, but I think that his support is soft and more R’s are still looking.

One thing that is important to note about NH is that we are a land of independents – we pride ourselves on our unique way of thinking, but more significantly nearly 400,000 of us are registered independents, which means come primary day we can take either ballot – and many of us are still not sure which way we will go.  

All of the campaigns are active – in my town alone – five candidates are holding open town halls in the next five days and I am receiving at least six calls per night inviting me to events within a 20 mile radius. I admire this display of retail politics in action, and I respect the efforts of all the candidates and their volunteers. In NH, we get to see democracy up close and in person in a way that few ever will.

What will happen next Tuesday? After so many months of campaigning the great irony may be that after a winter devoid of snow – a Nor’Easter may be the big story coming out of New Hampshire. Weather can always play a role and in year of somewhat committed voters still vacillating – the end result may be more about who has the best organization on the ground. It will be ironic if after so many months of  trying to convince a skeptical electorate – the primary comes down to who best and most committed winter weather drivers. 

What are you thinking? I would love to hear your predictions below!

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