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From start to finish, 2019 has been a year of rip-roaring, unstoppable, joyful MOMentum! 

Just to name a few of the major wins we accomplished together this year: 

  • MomsRising leads a coalition that won commitments from major national and regional banks to quit financing private prisons, including the biggest ones detaining refugee and immigrant families;

  • MomsRising leads the way in making major advances toward a strong federal paid family and medical leave policy;

  • MomsRising moves forward policies and national dialogue to protect maternal health and reduce racial disparities in maternal mortality and morbidity;

  • MomsRising grassroots leaders lift up National Breastfeeding Month and Black Breastfeeding Week;

  • MomsRising pushes forward equal pay by increasing MOMentum for legislation like the Paycheck Fairness Act and the Raise the Wage Act, which both passed the US House of Representatives;

  • And so much, much more!

That’s a LOT of good news to celebrate!

Moms have always been a force for change. The MOMentum we have built is a result of your actions, your letters, your donations, your dedication! And as 2020 approaches, the MOMentum of the MomsRising movement will keep healing and strengthening our communities and our nation. 

Read on to celebrate OUR wins and get energized to welcome 2020!


“MomsRising never gives up. And even when I feel despair, the MomsRising team is always at the ready with a way for us to act, to fight for what’s better for families, and to feel like there’s always a way to do better. I thank you for that.”

– Mary Beth, volunteer and donor

“Why do I belong to MomsRising?  You see for me it's an organization I can trust and provide a way for trying to make things better for children and their families' lives.  I feel that anything you can do for a mother, will in the end help their children, themselves and family whether its Health, Education, Gun Safety, Immigration or Justice.  MomsRising is a go-to organization where I can find some way of helping even if it is as simple as a signature. It just plain makes me feel like I can do something to help in some way no matter how small.”    

- Julianne H., volunteer and donor


In October, Speaker Pelosi gave a major shoutout to MomsRising at an event on lowering prescription drug costs with US Representative Delbene: ““When it comes to moms rising, we know: Don’t ever get between a parent and a public policy that can help their child.Thank you to ⁦MomsRising⁩! Nothing is more motivating to Congress than constituents, so don’t ever give up!”

In December, after thousands of signatures and letters written by MomsRising supporters, the US House passed H.R.3, The Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act. This is one major victory in our ongoing fight for healthcare justice.


“What motivated me to support you…fighting for gun safety legislation, quality childcare that doesn’t break the bank and voters rights. Women and Families are powerful, when they have what they need and when they stand together. To change the tide it will take All of us rowing in the same direction. We have a start, but we have to continue and you and your organization are helping to do that work.” 

— Brenda


Speaking of gun safety legislation: MomsRising’s unstoppable grassroots action and leadership on this issue resulted in thousands of constituent contacts on this issue. In February, the US House of Representatives approved a bill that would require background checks on all gun sales in the United States-- one of the most significant pieces of legislation on gun safety to move forward in decades. 


“I support several progressive organizations. MomsRising texting and emailing system to elicit direct call is far superior to the others. I consistently respond to yours. You know your audience: busy moms and busy women. I know I can advocate within two minutes. DONE!” 

— Kathy


“I am a Cuban American working mom, and your mission really resonates with me — especially when it comes to immigration reform. I learned about you because I saw MomsRising at the protests against the abuse of migrant children, and then checked out the podcast.” — Monica

MomsRising led a coalition of organizations in getting 9 major banks to commit to ending financing of private prison companies, including GEO Group and Core Civic. These wins were widely covered in major news outlets and spoke loud and clear: Women and moms can powerfully organize to END the financing of refugee and immigrant families’ pain for corporate gain-- and we DID!


“MomsRising has made it possible for moms like me to be on the frontlines of advocacy for policies to better support our families, like universal childcare and paid family leave. It’s one of the only organizing spaces where I’ve felt my whole self, and whole family, is welcome.”

— Jessica

We won a HUGE step forward with the passage of 12 weeks of paid parental leave for approximately two million federal workers as part of the National Defense Authorization Act! MomsRising is thrilled that millions more working people will soon have paid parental leave to care for new or newly adopted babies. 

To be clear, this is just a start: Working people need much more than paid parental leave, they need paid family and medical leave. Three in four workers in this country who take leave do so to address their own serious medical conditions or those of family members, and this measure will do nothing to support them. Federal workers, like all working people, need comprehensive paid family and medical leave.

Congress and the Trump administration should follow up this advance with immediate passage of the FAMILY (Family And Medical Insurance Leave) Act, the only bipartisan paid leave proposal in Congress that would cover all workers-- and we will keep fighting and keep RISING to win!

MomsRising is also opening avenues for moms to vote, including with mom-to-mom voting support!

“I mailed my postcards today and took this photo... I appreciate all you do!” —Jeanette

In November, MomsRising volunteers mobilized via text messages and postcards to directly contact other mom voters to encourage them to go vote! Together we reached thousands upon thousands of voters, mom to mom. Together we are making a difference for our democracy!

“I was raised by a single, working secretary mother. We shared a house with my grandmother.

I knew that I would not be able to go to college unless I achieved scholarships, grants and loans, so I studied very hard and worked part time the whole time I was in college. So I know that many women contributed to those scholarships that I received and they helped me, so my duty is to help other women. Together we can achieve great things with generosity, kindness and effort. Link arms and move forward together.”  

-Margaret P, volunteer and donor


THANK YOU FOR A 2019 FULL OF MOMENTUM! Full speed ahead to 2020 -- TOGETHER!

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