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I’ve never been a big fan of pageants. The social and gender implications are a bit disturbing to me. Add in the environmental and health impacts of conventional cosmetics and the textile and fashion industry and the whole event becomes antithetical to almost every value I hold dear. Needless to say, I haven’t been following the drama surrounding this year’s Miss USA pageant. Until today. And, I must admit, I learned some unexpected things.

I know the media’s focus is on Miss California and whether or not she’ll keep her crown. But, I’d like to turn your focus to something completely different about this year’s pageant.

First, of all, since the pageant was on April 19th, NBC used it as the launching point for their Earth Week promotion of going green. Apparently, Miss USA contestants shared 'go green' testimonials and competed for a crown made with eco-friendly precious gemstones. While this screams green hype to me (because they could’ve done a whole lot more if they really wanted to make a positive environmental statement), I give them a tiny, tiny nod for at least raising the issue.

Much more interesting to me was reading about Miss D.C., Amal Bennett-Judge, the green beauty queen. When she first ran for Miss D.C. back in December, she shocked the judges by wearing eco-chic vintage clothing (like her mom’s bathing suit from the 1950s). And, she’s not just green on the runway, she’s an impressively engaged college student working on greening her campus and community. And, she has really great ideas


She’s already proving to be an exceptional role model. I wonder how far could she take her green inspirations if she won Miss USA next year? Or, Miss Universe? I’m beginning to re-think my position on pageantry…


What do you think? Would you let your daughter be a green pageant queen? Do you think a green pageant queen could have a significant positive impact? 

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