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This Mother’s Day, as we celebrate the many, many ways that moms power the U.S. (and all of us!), we’re calling on Congress to power moms by passing care policies! 

Tell Congress: Power moms - Pass care policies in honor of Mother’s Day! 

What happened? Together, we’ve championed AND PASSED many recent care policy advances to supercharge moms across the nation that are worthy of superhero recognition: The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and the PUMP Act have protected pregnant and breastfeeding workers from workplace discrimination. Full funding for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) and temporary expansion of the Child Tax Credit (CTC) have provided an enormous boost for our economy and our families during challenging times. Plus, investments in maternal health care, prescription drugs, and child care have bolstered moms, businesses, and families. We also fought for (and won!) a heroic victory in the Inflation Reduction Act to reduce corporate tax loopholes in a way that also powers vital health care and climate change programs.

What’s next? As we celebrate recent victories, we must continue to fight to build the transformational Care Economy policies that we, our nation, and our economy need to thrive: Affordable Childcare, Fair Pay for Care Workers, Paid Family/Medical Leave, and Aging and Disability Care. 

And we can do it! We’ve shown we can win in the past, so know that we can win again! That’s why this Mother’s Day, we’re calling on Congress to power moms by passing care policies, and we’re also sharing powerful care stories with every member of Congress so they know why these policies are important. Will you join us?

Supermoms (and all caregivers) unite! It’s time for Congress to build the Care Economy in honor of Mother’s Day! 

When you click, you’ll be able to sign on to our petition that reads:

Dear Congress, 

This Mother’s Day, as we celebrate the many ways that moms power the U.S. (and all of us!), MomsRising and our more than 1,043,704 super-mom members who live in every state in the nation are calling on Congress to build the Care Economy. Super-moms across the nation are urgingCongress to pass the following so families, businesses, and our economy can thrive: 

  • Tackle the Child Care crisis head-on by investing $16 billion a year to stabilize the child care sector, as well as advance long-term investments to ensure every child has a safe place to learn and their parents can stay in the workforce, and that every childcare worker is paid family supporting wages.
  • Establish a national Paid Family & Medical Leave program, granting eligible workers at least 12 weeks of paid time away from work to welcome a new baby, fight their own health battles, or provide care for a family member in a serious health crisis. 
  • Invest in Aging & Disability Care so everyone can receive super-hero level compassionate care, allowing them to live and age with dignity and independence.
  • Ensure Fair Pay for Care Workers, whose everyday deeds are nothing short of heroic and are critically important for our families and economy, as well as protect immigrant workers and their families who are a critical part of our nation and care workforce.
  • Secure access to Reproductive Freedom, including abortion and the full suite of reproductive healthcare, and fortify funding for Maternal Health by advancing policies like the Black Maternal Health Momnibus to move us closer to ending disparities in maternal health. 
  • Permanently expand the Child Tax Credit to allow people to afford housing and childcare so they can work and take care of their families.

Real-life mom superheroes, caregivers, and businesses from every corner of the nation need these policies and are looking for you to champion these policies as we continue this vital mission to build a nation where everyone and our economy can thrive.

Don’t forget to sign on! Tell Congress: Moms power the US! Power moms - Pass care policies now!

Wishing you an early Happy Mother’s Day! We know that with superhero moms and caregivers like you (who never stop fighting for moms, kids, and families), we will win these care policies to lift our families, businesses, and economy!

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