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A rabbit leaping over a government building next to a banner that says "Leap into action."

A rabbit leaping over a government building next to a banner that says "Leap into action."

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Let’s leap into action this month and this year! We are halfway into legislative session and now’s the time to make sure the House and Senate keep our families’ needs in mind! Right now, lawmakers are in the final countdown to pass bills and send them to the opposite chamber for consideration. If bills aren’t voted out of their “house of origin” by February 13th, then they cannot be passed into law this session. The House and Senate are also finalizing their proposed budgets so right now is exactly the time that lawmakers need to hear from YOU.

Join us in urging lawmakers to take a big leap for families and get these priorities over the finish line:

Early Learning and Child Care expansions: We’re urging lawmakers to make big investments in ECEAP, infant child care, and more in the supplemental budget. We’re also urging them to pass a package of win-win policy bills on childcare including: HB 2007, HB 2124, HB 1945, HB 2322, SB 6038, and SB 5774.

Banning book bans (HB 2331): Prohibiting the banning of books or other instructional materials that center diverse experiences and stories. This would include books rooted in the experiences of the LGBTQIA+ community and from People of the Global Majority1.

If enacted into law, these bills will improve our livelihoods as parents, caregivers, and children. Let’s leap into action and contact leadership in the State House and Senate. Let’s urge their action in this last half of 2024’s legislative session.


 1People of the Global Majority

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