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ICYMI: The MomsRising community was abuzz fighting for justice and demanding fast, effective solutions to the COVID-19 health crisis. Check out these 5 posts you loved, shared or might have missed for the week ending July 3, 2020. 

1. INSTAGRAM: Today would have been Tamir Rice's 18th birthday

Our hearts are broken thinking of all that was taken from him...Rest in honor, young one.

SEE, LIKE and COMMENT HERE: On @MomsRising

2. BLOG: Justice for Elijah McClain

Elijah McClain -- a young Black man who loved animals, a violinist, a highly regarded massage therapist, and a person beloved by his community -- was simply walking home from the store after buying iced tea when police officers in Aurora, Colorado detained and murdered him nearly a year ago.

MomsRising is following the lead of Color Of Change in demanding justice for Elijah McClain -- and your voice is urgently needed too.

SIGN NOW: TAKE ACTION: Justice for Elijah McClain

3. MEMBER VOICE: To My Coworkers Who Didn’t Know We Would be Talking About Race On This Zoom Call

This post from MomsRising member Jamila Perrit, shared after George Floyd's murder, was one of the most visited pages on our entire site this past week. 

Read Jamila's full post here. 

I have made you uncomfortable. I can see this and I don’t care. I can no longer afford to center you and your feelings. Not anymore...I can no longer afford the luxury of being selective about with whom I share my fear, my pain, my rage.

4. BLOG: We Need Testing, Masks and the ACA

in the middle of a pandemic—when millions are losing their health insurance and hundreds of thousands are experiencing a terrible health care crisis—President Trump has: cut funding for COVID-19 testing; refused to encourage people to wear masks to stop the spread of coronavirus, despite scientific research showing mask wearing is essential to slowing the pandemic; and filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court to strip health care coverage away from tens of millions of Americans, which will make the pandemic far worse.

CLICK TO LEARN MORE AND SIGN: Tell President Trump and Vice President Pence to protect our health! 

5. MEDIA SPOTLIGHT: MomsRising Executive Director Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner in Forbes

Rowe-Finkbeiner encourages white women to get a sense of scale. “The feeling of fear that you’re going to mess up is nothing compared to the fear of death,” she says, “Young black men are 21 times more likely to be killed by police [than their white counterparts]. That fear of socially messing up is nothing compared to the fear of losing a child.”

GET THE FULL STORY: White Women: 3 Ways to Sustain Anti-Racism as a Lifelong Commitment

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