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Whoa baby! We're breathless here at MomsRising. First, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act is the first piece of legislation signed by President Obama, then both the House and Senate pass an expanded State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), and now the Senate is getting ready to vote on an economic recovery package that has a number of key provisions that would directly help moms and their families.

Keep the victories going and tell your Senators that families must be at the center of our nation's economic recovery: /Send a letter now

Please take a moment now to forward this email to friends so they too can help keep the momentum going! The Senate isn't as on board with our issues as we'd like, so we need as many people as possible contacting their U.S. Senators.

Last week the House passed the economic recovery package and the Senate is now debating this legislation. Key provisions to help families include the Unemployment Insurance Modernization Act (UIMA) which would gives states incentives to provide unemployment insurance for part-time and low wage workers, a child tax credit to benefit more low-income working families, and the expansion of child care and early education programs such as Head Start. We've got to make sure that the Senate version of this bill also includes these key programs that provide economic security to families.

All you have to do is look around your nearest Wal-Mart to figure out who keeps our economy humming. Who's carting around the giant boxes of goldfish crackers and stacks of Nintendo games? It's the moms, of course. It's obvious that any effective economic recovery plan must not only bolster our nation's banking system, but must also get some money in the hands of our nation's moms and dads.

Tell the Senate that moms and families, not just banks and big businesses, must be at the center of any economic recovery: /Send a letter now

Thanks for all your incredible work to focus our leaders on the needs of our nation's families.

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