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Book bans and attempted book bans are happening in schools and libraries across America right now.  

It’s shocking AND we can stop it - but first we need to know how. And that’s why MomsRising is bringing in the experts! 

→ Next week on Wednesday, September 13th at 8:30pm EST / 5:30pm PST, the Florida Freedom to Read Project, a mom-led grassroots organization on the frontlines of fighting Florida’s book bans, will be giving us the 411 on how to fight censorship efforts. 

Can you join this important #KeepMarching virtual call?

It’s not just Florida and it’s not just conservative states: The attacks on books, schools, and the freedom to learn is growing across the country. 

Far-right MAGA Republican Governors and state legislatures across the nation have been using political tricks to erode accurate and age-appropriate education, attack LGBTQ+ communities, and ban books. Fake “parents'” groups are targeting even progressive counties to try to ban books from public schools. It’s critical that we all have the tools to fight this censorship machine! 

In this training, we will cover topics like: 

  • What constitutes a book ban and what are the different types of bans
  • How is this happening and why  
  • How to track “book challenges” that lead to bans in your community  
  • Strategies to increase access to diverse books via schools and/or school boards 
  • How to disrupt politically motivated book bans 

Learn how they are doing it! Sign up for this #KeepMarching meeting now!

What books are being pulled? Plain and simple, books about diverse communities, history, and LGBTQ+ families and communities. Books like “Black Boy Joy”, “When Aidan Became a Brother,” and the “Anne Frank's Diary: The Graphic Adaptation.” 

Yes. You read those titles right. Earlier this year in Pinellas County, a school age book about the story of the famous civil rights activist Ruby Bridges who helped integrate schools in New Orleans when she was 6-years-old was challenged and the iconic Disney film about Ruby Bridges was banned outright due to one. single. complaint.  

Just one complaint meant none of the kids could learn about Ruby Bridges until other parents filed formal measures to get it back in. But unfortunately there are so many far-right politically motivated attacks happening that parents and local communities in Florida and in other states need back up: 

These coordinated attacks are NOT okay. Well-funded far-right politicians are becoming a censorship machine actively working to ban age-appropriate books, erase honest and accurate American history, and attack students and teachers simply for who they love.

We know that together we can stop this book banning machine.


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