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Expanding Child Care will be a sweet victory!

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We saw the Bipartisan Infrastructure package pass last week, which is great news! While this is a huge and long overdue accomplishment, lawmakers’ work is not nearly done. We need the Build Back Better Act to also pass because just like people need bridges and roads to drive on to go to work, people need a care infrastructure so parents and caregivers can go to work -- and keep their jobs when a new baby arrives or a serious health crisis occurs -- and so children can thrive, and care workers can earn living wages. Yesterday, hundreds of care workers and families marched in DC with one clear message - we can’t wait one more day for these solutions to become reality.

This is where YOUR help and YOUR actions become crucial again to tell Congress that we must push for a victory on this critical bill package. 

And what exactly would victory look like for childcare? The passage of the Build Back Together package means:

  • Lower child care costs for nine out of ten families with young children 
  • Guaranteed high-quality child care choices for parents by expanding the supply of safe, nurturing options particularly for infants and toddlers
  • Creating and supporting millions of jobs, including for early educators and parents 
  • Raising the wages of early educators - 95 percent of whom are women and disproportionately women of color - to at least a living wage, with wages comparable to elementary school educators for those with similar credentials
  • Providing FREE universal pre-kindergarten for three and four-year-olds in diverse settings that meet families’ needs; and 
  • Supporting children's healthy development, ensuring that regardless of economic status, race, zip code, language or ability all children have a strong foundation.

The Build Back Better Act would also ensure policies like paid family/medical leave, home- and community-based services, groundbreaking investments in maternal health, more affordable medicines, an expanded Child Tax Credit, and protections for immigrants would lift our families, businesses, and economy!

NOW is the right time to Build Back Better and build a strong care infrastructure! Click to urge Congress to take action!

Together we can make history!

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