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[Graphic of 3 people with one holding an infant. Text below says "Be a Voter. Raise A Voter. The Election is November 6!"]

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Forget Wonder Woman’s lasso, ignore Black Widow’s fighting skills, and never mind Storm’s ability to control lightning… it’s time to talk about YOUR super powers.

You might be thinking, "Who, me?!" Yes: YOU!

You have secret super powers to turn out the vote! Click here to activate them!

***It turns out that handwritten notes by YOU have super powers! Research shows that handwritten notes are one of the most powerful ways to get an infrequent voter to the polls on Election Day. [1]

And here’s the really exciting thing: We’re not just activating voters to elect lawmakers — we’re also activating votes for healthcare, equal pay, paid family leave, and all the other issues dear to our hearts. Why? Lawmakers we elect on Voting Day will cast their very own votes on the issues we care about.

Join us in turning out the vote for healthcare, equal pay, paid family leave, and paid sick days! It’s SO easy.

Don’t worry! It’s not complicated. We have your back. Just think of us as your own Agent Q or Lucius Fox at your service! We’ll do all the hard work behind the scenes and then mail you an easy packet of pre-stamped, pre-addressed postcards directly to your doorstep!

*Here’s how it works (it’s sooo easy!): You send us your mailing address and we’ll send you five, pre-addressed, pre-stamped beautiful MomsRising Voting postcards by mid-October. You write an encouraging sentence or two on the card by hand (we’ll even give you a couple suggested sentences to write in your packet), you put the pre-addressed and pre-stamped cards into the mailbox and…you’re done!

That’s it! Quick but powerful. Even Wonder Woman would be amazed.

---> Power up! Click below to learn more about how you can increase voter turnout with just fifteen minutes of your time.’ll be sending out a bit of high-impact cheer. As you can see, this beautiful postcard will REALLY stand out in a jumble of bills and political leaflets!

Sign up here, and we’ll send you everything you need to get started! Activate your super powers here now!

Imagine the power of our voice if we all turn out to vote. From equal pay to paid family/medical leave and from ending mass incarceration to increasing healthcare access, we can (and do!) make a difference!

Don’t forget to use your superpowers NOW before it’s too late!

Together, we are a powerful voice for women and families,

Use these links to get the voter registration information you need!

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