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It’s GO TIME for protecting the healthcare coverage our families depend on!
The U.S. Congress is back on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. this week and some U.S. Senators are already talking about moving ahead with plans to roll back advances in healthcare coverage and gut the Affordable Care Act (ACA). To this we say: Not on our watch! This would put coverage at risk for nearly 30 million people. That’s not a typo. The healthcare of 30 million people is on the line.
**Can you make a call to your U.S. Senators NOW and tell them NOT to repeal the Affordable Care Act? Use our hotline and we’ll walk you through the process: 1-888-523-8974
The U.S. Senate starts voting this week, so it’s critical that your Senators hear from you today! Losing health coverage would be catastrophic for hundreds of thousands of children and adults who are finally getting the care they need after facing obstacles like limits on pre-existing conditions, lifetime caps on coverage, or too expensive coverage.
It’s time to turbocharge our efforts. Momentum is growing across the U.S. to stop the repeal of the ACA; and polls show an overwhelming majority of people disapprove of Republican lawmakers' plan to repeal it without knowing how they might replace it.
So to keep the momentum going a broad coalition of organizations, including MomsRising, are driving calls to U.S. Senate offices this week and, together, we can help protect the coverage gains we’ve made in recent years!
We need YOU to speak out NOW! Just dial 1-888-523-8974 and we’ll connect you.
It’s easy. It just takes a minute of your time. When you call, you’ll hear a brief recording from me and then be routed to your U.S. Senator’s office. Tell the person who answers the phone that you live in their state, and that the Senator should vote “NO!” on repealing the Affordable Care Act without an adequate replacement plan. It’s that simple!
Politics should never come before our family’s—and our community’s—health. Access to healthcare coverage is a lifesaver for families and our economy. It should never, ever be a political football. It’s so important that we have moms, dads, and concerned people across the nation from all across the political spectrum calling their U.S. Senators to tell them: “Millions of families could be harmed by the loss of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Don’t repeal it without an adequate replacement!” Together we’re going to fight for every inch of ground that we’ve won. We’re not going backwards!
→ Tell Congress: Families need access to quality, affordable healthcare! Dial 1-888-523-8974 now! It’s easy. When you dial we’ll walk you through every step.
The time to call is now. Many U.S. Senators are starting to realize the implications of this horrible direction and the door is opening for them to listen to their constituents. That’s YOU! We must ensure families do not lose access to quality and affordable healthcare! Repealing the ACA without a replacement plan is reckless and dangerous for America’s families and economy! The repeal of the ACA would be devastating to families and would have far-reaching negative financial implications for our communities and nation. Hard-working people across the U.S. have benefited greatly from this new law through improvements such as:
  • All new insurance plans are required to cover preventive services at no cost—like check-ups, well-child visits, birth control, cancer screenings, and vaccines.
  • People with pre-existing conditions like asthma, cancer, and diabetes can no longer be denied or charged more for coverage.
  • People with chronic illnesses no longer face lifetime caps on their benefits that basically cuts off their coverage when they need it most.
  • Medicaid has improved and now provides coverage to millions more, including hard-working parents.
A repeal of the ACA will also have a devastating effect on our economy, resulting in a $140 billion loss (yes, billion with a B) in federal funding for healthcare and a loss of 2.6 million jobs across all states in 2019. [4]

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