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We at MomsRising are excited to share our first Birth & Maternal Health Resource Book with you! It’s for partners, legislators and everyday folks who want to learn more about the problematic state of maternal morbidity/mortality in our nation. The book also serves as an advocacy tool to champion policies and solutions that can address the increasing maternal mortality and morbidity rates in the U.S. along with overt racial disparities in maternal health outcomes. 
This Resource & Story book contains:
As we work to address the alarming rate of maternal deaths in the U.S., which is at the highest it’s been in 20 years and is currently the worst out of all developing nations, we also look to focus on the glaring racial disparities Black women face, die due to birth-related causes at 3-4x the rates of white women. These statistics are unacceptable and we know that by raising our voices and sharing our stories we can make a difference!
We hope you utilize this resource and story book to serve as an advocacy and education tool to champion policies that can address the increasing maternal mortality and morbidity rates in the U.S. and prioritize maternal health. The U.S. could avoid about 40% of maternal deaths if ALL women had access to quality healthcare, and decision-makers need to realize this important connection. 
Our book can also be found online at We encourage you to pass it along to others (friends, families, elected officials, healthcare providers etc) to uplift the voices of those who give birth. Feel free to share it via social media  with the hashtag #MaternalJustice

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